Microsoft May Increase Ad Budget For Zune

Aron Schatz
December 12, 2006

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While Microsoft thinks about trying to sell these Zune music players, Apple is cleaning up the market with its iPod brand. Microsoft needs to get it in gear to sell their music players. The problem: They are a failure.


To woo that set, Microsoft has been pitching the Zune in TV spots, outdoor ads, print ads and online promos, mainly trying to get into the heads of those aged 18 to 28. But even with a decent size marketing budget, Microsoft knows it may need to buy more ads to try to get the Zune better known. The company's initial goal was to have its ads reach about one quarter of those in its target age range, and reach them at least three times. It has TV ads that have run in shows like Prison Break, Family Guy and Grey's Anatomy, and has inserted print ads in magazines such as Scratch, Paste, Spin, Vibe and Rolling Stone. There are also online ads on sites like AOL, Billboard and MTV, as well as on Microsoft's own MSN site.


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