Lian Li PC-6083A Miditower Case Review

Aron Schatz
May 1, 2002
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Warp2Search reviews the Lian Li PC-6083A.

And I'm glad to see Warp2Search back up and running.

Nowadays personal computers are almost an embedded part of the electronic equipment in a household. PC's as other accessories represent a picture of the personal taste of their owner and, especially if custom build, these are a unique piece. Add to it that many enthusiasts are looking for a PC case with lots of space, good handling and superior cooling compared to factory cases. If you do make that count you'll probably end up looking at an aluminium case. Today we will be looking at the new Lian Li PC-6083A. This case is about to hit store shelves and retailers in June. I would like to thank James Wu of Lian Li for providing the test case.


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