Edgecore Networks Launches a Multi-Access Business Gateway Delivering a Converged Gateway, Security and Controller Platform to SMBs and Enterprises

April 21, 2010

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Edgecore Networks Launches a Multi-Access Business Gateway Delivering a Converged Gateway, Security and Controller Platform to SMBs and Enterprises

Edgecore Networks' Wireless Multi-Access Business Gateway (MBG) with Dual WAN Securely Connects Wired and Wireless Clients for Secure Network Ecosystems

IRVINE, Calif., April 21 -- Edgecore Networks, a joint venture between LG-Nortel and Accton Technology, today announced that it is re-entering the wireless networking industry with the launch of its family of Edgecore Wireless Multi-Access Business Gateways (MBG) featuring combined network gateways and wireless controllers.  The Edgecore Wireless MBG  (G4420-22 and G4430-24) combines both a network gateway and wireless controller to provide a robust high-performance wireless network infrastructure that is secure, cost-effective and easy-to-manage.  The Edgecore Wireless MBG will be demonstrated next week at Interop 2010 in Las Vegas at Edgecore's booth (#2313).

The scalable Edgecore Wireless MBG solutions, which support roaming for voice applications including wireless phones in Edgecore's upcoming portfolio of unified communications solutions, are designed to provide secure, high-performance wireless network infrastructures for companies ranging in size from small businesses to enterprises with more than 500 users.  The Edgecore Wireless MBG supports from 50 to 150 wireless access points, including Edgecore's family of enterprise- and business-class 802.11n access points, to extend wireless coverage and enable seamless layer 2/3 roaming to deliver anytime-anywhere access to business-critical applications.

The Edgecore Wireless MBG solutions combine the functions of both a network gateway and wireless controller into a single solution, reducing hardware costs and enabling IT administrators to centrally manage all functions of the controller and gateway in the main office and regional remote offices through a single intuitive interface to drastically reduce deployment and maintenance efforts. The Edgecore gateway/controller employs user authentication and enforces per-user policies to provide access control for a secure enterprise network.

"Our new wireless solution rounds out our overall product solution offering," said Mike Boissiere, VP of Enterprise Data Sales at Edgecore.  "Some have asked why we would want to release a new solution when there are so many wireless players already in the market.  We've created a solution that was designed by and created for our partners.  Unlike most competing WiFi vendors that cannot provide a full infrastructure offering, Edgecore will deliver to its partners the ability to install wired or wireless infrastructures into any environment.  For example, we now deliver performance wired and wireless Ethernet solutions, VDSL2 (which includes wireless), Unified Communication, NMS and UDM Software to manage the infrastructures, and a service platform for increased partner margins.  It's not just the technology, but our partners we're concerned about supporting."

"The convergence of various data and voice applications into the network infrastructure is driving the demand for a wireless infrastructure that delivers a critical combination of performance, security and reliability, while at the same time being affordable and easy-to-manage," explained Keith Alexis, general manager at Edgecore.  "Our new family of gateway/controller solutions enables businesses of all sizes, from SMBs to enterprises to deploy cutting-edge data and voice solutions over a wireless infrastructure that delivers on every one of those points.  By combining the functions of both a gateway and a controller into a single solution, we've enabled companies to cut hardware costs and reduce network deployment and management time significantly."

About the Edgecore Wireless Multi-Access Business Gateway

The Edgecore Wireless MBGs provide a robust set of features and functions making them ideal wireless network infrastructure solutions for SMBs and enterprises.  To ensure maximum system reliability, the Wireless MBGs support WAN failover to ensure network availability, load balancing to optimize network performance, advanced roaming to ensure seamless mobility across subnets, and VoWLAN Quality of Service to deliver true voice quality over wireless.

Access control can be enforced on a per-user and per-user group basis including controls for firewalls, bandwidth limitations and scheduling.  Client management can be controlled via multiple user groups and multiple service zones.  Management of access points is centralized giving administrators the ability to configure, control and manage multiple types of access points.

Offering a host of security capabilities, the Wireless MBG can authenticate users based upon a built-in local/on-demand database or by accessing an external authentication database.  The system supports local VPN, remote VPN and site-to-site VPN, and provides additional security through WPA, rogue AP detection, wireless intrusion detection and prevention.

About LG-Nortel

LG-Nortel is a joint venture of LG Electronics and Nortel. Established in 2005, LG-Nortel provides leading edge telecommunications equipment and network solutions, spanning wired and wireless technologies, to service provider and enterprise customers in Korea and around the world. LG-Nortel is also actively developing next generation solutions for global markets, with over 750 skilled R&D engineers currently focused on wireless broadband technology evolution and the development of powerful new product lines. For more information on LG-Nortel, visit http://www.lg-nortel.com.

About Edgecore Networks, Inc.

Edgecore Networks, Inc., formerly SMC Networks and now a joint venture between LG-Nortel and Accton Technology, is a global manufacturer of application-driven performance networking solutions designed to meet and exceed partner requirements and maximize return on investment.  Our market focuses include providing solutions for SMB & enterprise LAN networks, hospitality and other MxU environments, and Metro Ethernet technology for value conscious service providers.

Edgecore Networks features a robust portfolio of networking solutions that includes managed SMB/E switches, Metro Access solutions and a variety of business-class WiFi solutions, all tied together through an advanced network management system.  Leveraging SMC Networks' 33-year legacy of channel loyalty, profitability, advanced technology, and dedicated partner support, Edgecore Networks provides its channel partners with a reseller program that is backed by a full complement of end-to-end networking solutions and is designed to maximize return-on-investment and increase profitability.

For more information, visit Edgecore Networks at: http://www.edgecorenetworks.com/.

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