Get Satisfaction Connects Customer Support and the Social Web

April 21, 2010

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Get Satisfaction Connects Customer Support and the Social Web

New Get Satisfaction Support Tab Lets Small and Medium Businesses Use Facebook Fan Pages for Cost-effective Service and Support

SAN FRANCISCO, April 21 -- As small and medium-sized businesses turn to Facebook to connect with customers, many struggle to use 'the Wall' as an efficient and effective channel for highly visible service and support requests.

Get Satisfaction directly addresses this challenge through the release of its Customer Support Tab for Facebook Fan Pages -- a powerful community platform that invites consumer participation, cultivates a strong peer-to-peer support model, and helps small and medium-sized businesses reduce their overall support costs.

Many companies create Facebook Fan Pages as a marketing initiative and often underestimate the customer's desire to utilize this channel to ask questions, solve problems and provide feedback.  Since the information on "the Wall" is not searchable and can be lost quickly, customer support needs from within Facebook have largely remained unmet.

Moreover, because search engines cannot index content from within Facebook, companies receive no SEO benefits of conversation created on the Fan Page.  Until now.

The Get Satisfaction Customer Support Tab transforms the Facebook fan page into a community-based customer service center where customers can help each other and companies can offer support in a one-to-many fashion.  By freeing the company from the need to respond to the same questions over and over as they move on and off the Facebook wall, the Customer Support Tab dramatically reduces support costs.  At the same time, you're providing Facebook fans with access to a valuable customer network full of meaningful conversation, which increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  --  Now Facebook fans can:
      --  Quickly find answers to their questions
      --  Collaborate on ideas & suggestions
      --  Give Praise
  --  And Companies can:
      --  Leverage the viral elements of Facebook to build community
      --  Utilize Facebook as a scalable customer relations channel
      --  Crowdsource customer service and ideation

"This is an especially exciting launch for us," said Wendy Lea, Get Satisfaction CEO.  "Our customers have been looking for a way to better convert conversations across social media--especially Facebook--into real business value.  Facebook is where your most social customers are sharing questions.  Get Satisfaction is where you've built a community to share answers.  We've put them both together in the best way.  Get Satisfaction - your community on your wall."

The Get Satisfaction Support tab brings together customer support and social media to help companies listen, support and engage their most social customers.  "Being a part of the user conversation online is core to what we do - textPlus is all about communities.  Because Facebook is integral to that end, we're excited to benefit from this new app from Get Satisfaction," said Drew Olanoff, textPlus Director of Community.

The Get Satisfaction Support Tab for Facebook is available at:

About Get Satisfaction

Get Satisfaction's Web 2.0 customer service and support platform launched in 2007 and has grown exponentially. More than 35,000 company communities have been created on Get Satisfaction, and upwards of 20,000 organizations are actively engaging with 1.4 million community members. Organizations of all stripes -- from Nike to Foursquare -- engage in conversations with their customers, increasing loyalty, retention, collaboration, and customer-driven innovation, while reducing repetitive support costs.

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CONTACT:  Keith Messick of Get Satisfaction, +1-704-421-3656,

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