Massive Adoption Fuels Innovations in New Versions of Cooliris Express and the Embeddable Cooliris Wall

April 21, 2010

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Massive Adoption Fuels Innovations in New Versions of Cooliris Express and the Embeddable Cooliris Wall

Improvements in Cooliris Express and Cooliris Wall based on user and publisher feedback

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 21 -- News Facts

Cooliris, innovator of the fastest and most stunning way to engage with media on desktops or devices, today announced new updates and innovations for Cooliris Express and the embeddable Cooliris Wall.

With significant growth in the number of new implementations of Cooliris Walls, feedback from Cooliris users and publishers prompted an array of speed, ease-of-use, social media sharing, and reporting enhancements. By incorporating these new features, Cooliris is demonstrating its commitment to its customers, aiding in growth of the market, and lowering the entry barrier for new users.

Adoption of embeddable Cooliris Walls is reaching incredible new heights, growing from an average of 100 new Walls created per day in December 2009 to more than 500 new Walls per day this spring. In addition, more than 45,000 Walls with Cooliris Express were launched in the last four months alone.

Cooliris Walls allow customers and users to break free from the limitations of browsers in order to immerse their visitors and friends with the visual content that matters most to them.

Cooliris Express Features and Benefits

Cooliris Express is a free tool that lets users of all skill levels create compelling digital experiences that showcase their photo and video content. With Cooliris Express, users can quickly and easily embed customized Walls of rich media on any website, blog, or social network.

Cooliris Express debuts the ability to easily publish and update photo galleries for social networks and blogs from one central location, alleviating the headache of multiple galleries, usernames, and passwords. To access and update Walls across all of a user's accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google, Cooliris Express has enabled a single login that either leverages a Facebook or Google username. Additionally, users can create a unique login, if they prefer.

Cooliris Express introduces dynamic editing capabilities with which users can update and change the content on their Walls at any time. In the previous version users would have to create new Walls to showcase new content. Now users can add or delete photos and videos from their existing Walls, keeping their Cooliris Walls alive, fresh, and a direct reflection of their lives and interests in real-time.

In addition, Cooliris simplified the navigation and created a new user interface for editing and uploading photos in Cooliris Express, all based on user input and suggestions, to make the process more intuitive for non-technical users.

Embeddable Cooliris Wall Features and Benefits

The embeddable Cooliris Wall empowers publishers and developers to provide all site visitors with the Cooliris media experience within a web page, without requiring the Cooliris browser plugin. Cooliris embeddable Walls give publishers and website owners a better and more memorable experience for their visitors, leading to greater retention and return visits.

With the embeddable Cooliris Wall, publishers typically see a five to six time increase in engagement on their web pages. Publishers and developers wanted hard numbers to back this up, so Cooliris is now giving them new ways to measure the impact of the technology.

New comScore and Google Analytics support in Cooliris Walls gives publishers a concrete way to document and report the increased engagement for advertisers and media planners, increasing potential ad opportunities and revenue. Cooliris' agreement with comScore was vetted with their current standards, and each piece of content is counted as a page view. Now enterprises and publishers can measure the success of their Cooliris Walls and take these views into consideration when tabulating their site metrics and Cooliris' ability to increase user engagement.

New opportunities for Facebook and Twitter sharing in Cooliris Walls help publishers drive viral distribution of content for further exposure and traffic, while allowing users to easily share individual items from an embedded Wall directly with friends or followers.

Improved performance and animation have the Cooliris Wall scrolling even faster, making interactions even smoother.

Cooliris Commentary

"The release of updated Cooliris Express and Cooliris Wall are a direct result of our passion to continue pioneering and improving experiences for our users and publishers," said Vatsal Bhardwaj, Senior Product Manager, Cooliris. "We are always listening to partners and customers, taking their feedback of what Cooliris can do better, and using this input to drive our innovations. These latest versions of Cooliris Express and Cooliris Wall truly empower users and publishers to reap the rewards of compelling, unique, and engaging rich media browsing experiences."

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