Expectant Moms Enjoy a Comfortable, Healthy, Musical Workout Using the Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System(TM): New Study Confirms Exercise During Pregnancy Impacts Baby's Future Health

April 20, 2010

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Expectant Moms Enjoy a Comfortable, Healthy, Musical Workout Using the Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System(TM): New Study Confirms Exercise During Pregnancy Impacts Baby's Future Health

COLUMBIA, S.C., April 20 -- Nuvo Group, USA -- The new Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System(TM) is giving pregnant women around the globe the comprehensive fitness solution that they have been looking for -- a comfortable and supportive pregnancy belt that provides a hands-free music listening experience for both mom and baby.

There is more proof than ever that exercising during pregnancy is a win-win for mom and baby. The findings of a recent study, published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, show that mothers who partake in light exercise throughout pregnancy can actually lower their baby's risk of obesity later in life. (complete study information found at http://jcem.endojournals.org/cgi/content/abstract/jc.2009-2255v1)

This new data, along with anecdotal information that exercise leads to shorter labor and an easier recovery, is driving more pregnant women than ever to take part in fitness activities. This month's Fit Pregnancy features Ritmo as a "Registry Essential" for physically active moms-to-be.

"I have been using Ritmo for about two months and love it.  It is easy to use and awesome for working out.  Just put it on, insert your iPod and go!  You can control the sound with different volumes for you and the baby," says Jeri Moran, a working mother of 2 boys under age 3 and a girl on the way.

Not only is Ritmo's soft fabric belt lightweight, elasticized, supportive, washable and irritation-free, but its state-of-the-art speaker system and controller/stabilizer easily connects to your own audio device to transmit music and sound safely in-utero.

When mom and baby listen to music together, their connection is enhanced. During exercise, endorphins -- a natural chemical that makes us feel good and happy -- are released.  And when mom is relaxed and happy, then baby is too.

Pregnant women love how easily Ritmo fits into an active lifestyle.  Whether practicing yoga, exercising, walking the dog, working or simply relaxing, "It doesn't move around while working out and is so comfortable," says Ms. Moran. While mom moves and grooves to her favorite tunes she is sharing the endorphins with her developing baby.

Safety is of the utmost importance at Nuvo. Ritmo was developed under the guidance of world-renowned experts in acoustics, resulting in Nuvo's Safe & Sound technology.  Ritmo also meets the stringent safety standards of the CE & FCC.

Both the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the National Academy of Sports Medicine support exercise during pregnancy as long as the pregnant woman feels comfortable.

Post-pregnancy, Ritmo continues to adapt to children's changing environments and needs, with applications for the crib, stroller and toys...all coming soon.

About Nuvo

Founded in 2006 by Oren Oz, Nuvo Group, Inc., is comprised of full-time parents, who also happen to be internationally recognized engineers, award-winning designers, and entrepreneurs. Nuvo creates and manufactures innovative developmental products that are designed to create shared experiences between parents and their children. Acclaimed for using imaginative designs, cutting-edge technologies, and advanced materials, Nuvo Group's solutions address the needs and lifestyles of modern parents and their kids.

In the case of Ritmo, experts in the fields of acoustics and bio-medicine developed its technology, based on hundreds of third party research papers and studies.

Source: Nuvo Group

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