Opteron story

Aron Schatz
April 30, 2002
Tags CPU

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I saw this at AMDZone:

Silicon Investor has a msg post about dual Opteron sledgehammers. There is quite a good amount of information in the post.

They had 2 Sledgehammer servers running there, running 64bit version of Windows Server. They had 2 Clawhammer clients connected to them. The Sledgehammer - Opteron servers were fairly big boxes, housing a new motherboard they call Melody. The boxes were closed, so I couldn't see inside. The guy presenting these said these were just development versions (these boxes) and they are largely empty). He said the production boxes will be more like the ones in the rack he pointed to (which was a full rack of 1U systems, each with 2 Athlon MP CPUs).


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