Intel Tidewater Details

Aron Schatz
April 30, 2002
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Tide Water is a computer of small form factor, smaller than the Serial Micro ATX standard and will integrate a new power regulator, thermal solution and case. Intel will develop the product next year and debut the ready-made products in 2004. Tidewater will first be based on the 0.13 micron Northwood that will run at a speed of 3.xGhz. It will be based on the next generation Prescott processor based on 0.09 micron during second half of 2003 that may reach at a speed grade of 5Ghz or more. The cooling used is passive with two 80mm fans blowing across the system thereby cooling the huge CPU cooler with copper core, the memories, the chipset as well as the hard drive. - VR-Zone

That's a huge heatsink.


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