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Aron Schatz
April 30, 2002
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Another great day outside. I bring you Inquirer news to start off with.

Bluetooth 'total waste of time' . The devices aren't here yet, bluetooth was going to be the hugest thing since sliced bread I thought.
Bluetooth is taking an awfully long time to tip up. We're talking geological timescales here. Mobile phone makers, desperate to flog new handsets, have long had Bluetooth on their new feature ticklists, but really useful applications are non-existent.

Hynix, Micron deal is off
The board of directors, which is made up of bankers as well as directors, thought that selling the DRAM business to Micron wasn't the best option.

Intel to attack its own chipset customers
That's the essential message of a story on Bloomberg today which claims that Via will announce a drop in earnings as a result of failing to sell enough Pentium 4 chipsets, ceding market share to SIS and ALI. That story here.

AMD takes 64-bit MIPS on board AMD will be aiming for the PDA market.
Like Intel, AMD wants a tasty slice of the embedded and PDA marketplace, and it hopes to sell 64-bit processors it designs, and using the MIPS core, to customers making high speed devices.

That's all the news from that source. I'll keep scouring the net for more news.


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