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Aron Schatz
April 29, 2002
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I'll post all the news from the Inquirer here...

MIT accidentally invents cellular sex toy Smile
By doing so it may have inadvertly invented a mobile sex toy. Prototypes, made from latex, boast five tiny speakers which vibrate against your skin around 250 times per second.

Rambus registers fresh DDR patent
Intel is protected from such arrangements because of a complex deal between it and Rambus, some of the details of which are still confidential, but is busily promoting its own DDR chipsets and motherboards and also making sure it puts it oar in at meetings deciding future DDR standards, such as DDR II.

PNY grabs Elsa workstations business Someone was going to do it eventually.
Elsa was not doing too well in Europe round about then. Not long after that, one of our friends at Elsa was transferred to Nvidia and our suspicions became a near certainty.

Nvidia talks about 2D picture quality. The NV30 will have 3Dfx technology in it.
Nvidia is working on this problem since the time of Geforce 3 TI 500 when we first time urged them to do something about this and we saw nice progress on Geforce 4 TI cards and learned that the real improvement will come in NV30 where engineers will pay special attention to this problem.

Intel cuts mobile Celeron prices
The 1.20GHz/256, which uses .13 micron technology, fell in price from $170 to $134, a decline of 21%, the 1.13GHz/256 fell by 28% from $134 to $96, while the 1.06GHz/256 dropped by 25 per cent to $80, from a previous figure of $107.

DRAM drops below crucial $3 price
The $3 price is the mark at which the memory manufacturers – the Dramurai – start to make profits, so the news does not bode well for profitability during the second quarter of this year.


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