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Aron Schatz
April 23, 2002
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Mikhailtech has an editorial about computer sites today. He basically goes on about how a site can praise a product and get more of that company's products for free. And he says that some sites are just out to get free stuff. I had a email chat about this and I agree with all the points he said.

The moral? Don't believe everything you read, especially if it looks fishy. It's hard to trust sites that are just starting up, but only if what they present is unacceptable. It seems that for every 100 popping up, 10 at most are dedicated enough to go through with the deal and do it right. That leaves 90 to grab, write a "thank you" note and run. All I'm saying is to be careful, to always judge what you see based on what's out there. A heatsink deserves more than a paragraph; a case more than two. And both deserve as much honestly as possible.


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