XP4 DirectX 8.1 Trident mobile video card

Aron Schatz
April 18, 2002
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Two days ago, Trident announced a new mobile video card.

  • Faster transistors that enable higher clock rate, corresponding to higher performance. XP4 engine clock reaches 250MHz and DDR memory clock reaches 666MHz, both of which are the industry's highest clock rate for notebooks with DX8.1 capability.
  • Smaller device geometry that produces smaller chip sizes and results in lower production cost.
  • Lower operating voltage which causes much less power dissipation. A voltage reduction from 1.8 volts (in 180nm process) to 1.2 volts (in 130nm process) can reduce the power dissipation to less than 50%.

Well, the mobile market is looking good for video cards.


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