Novel wins SCO Unix case (that started 7 years ago)

Aron Schatz
April 6, 2010

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Yes, that's right - for all of you that were holding your breath to see the outcome, you realized you couldn't. If you somehow did manage to hold your breath for the past 7 years, you might want to call the Guinness Book or World Records or something.


After years of litigation, the District Court of Utah late yesterday ruled that Novell, not the SCO Group, owns the copyrights to the Unix operating system.
The long-running case began in 2003 when the company sued IBM, claiming that Linux is an unauthorized subset of Unix, and that SCO had true ownership of Unix and UnixWare Technology after Novell’s sale of part of its Unix business to SCO’s predecessor, the Santa Cruz Organization, in 1995. Novell joined the case after the IBM suit, claiming it did not sell the intellectual property rights to the Santa Cruz Organization. Novell began registering copyrights to Unix after that, and SCO sued Novell in 2004.




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