Navajo Systems Offers VPS for the IBM Cloud

March 16, 2010

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Navajo Systems Offers VPS for the IBM Cloud

Navajo Systems Provides a Unique Regulatory Compliance Solution for the Development, Testing and Deployment of Enterprise Applications on the IBM Cloud

JERUSALEM, Israel, March 16, 2010--     Navajo Systems announced today that it has partnered with IBM to support
the commercial launch of Smart Business Development and Test on the IBM
Cloud. Navajo Systems' unique technology addresses the data security and
regulatory concerns of using the cloud.

    Many enterprises have been reluctant to move to cloud computing due to
regulatory restrictions which prohibit them from using the cloud for storing
sensitive data, or due to concerns about the privacy and security of data in
the cloud.

    Navajo Systems' Virtual Private SaaS (VPS) is a revolutionary concept in
SaaS application data security which comprehensively addresses these
limitations and concerns of using cloud applications with sensitive corporate
data. Implemented as an appliance on the enterprise LAN/WAN or as a cloud
service, VPS transparently encrypts all SaaS application data deemed
sensitive by the enterprise before it is transmitted from the enterprise to
the SaaS provider. While end users remain completely unaware of this process,
their data is completely unreadable when stored on the SaaS provider's
servers. Database theft and identity theft becomes harmless, and regulatory
compliance is ensured, as all sensitive data remains undecipherable when in
transmission and at rest outside the enterprise firewall.

    Developers of cloud applications do not need to implement any special
code in their applications for VPS to provide them with this level of
security and regulatory compliance. In fact, the same codebase could support
cloud software implementations used with or without VPS.

    "IBM is pleased to have Navajo Systems join the IBM Cloud partner
ecosystem," said Walter Falk, Business Development Executive of IBM
Enterprise Initiative, Cloud Computing. "As part of our efforts to build an
ecosystem of partners to deliver the most complete and comprehensive cloud
computing solutions to our clients, Navajo Systems addresses a key component
for some clients: the ability to develop, test and deploy applications on the
IBM Cloud without being restricted by laws regulating the off-site storage of
sensitive data."

    "We are proud to be working with IBM, an important player with global
reach in the rapidly expanding cloud computing market," said Dan Gross, CEO,
Navajo Systems. "Our vision is to side-step the security concerns and
regulatory constraints inherent in the use of cloud-hosted applications. With
our revolutionary VPS technology, enterprises can securely and legally
develop, test and deploy applications hosted on the IBM Cloud."

    Today, at the Cloud Connect event in Santa Clara, IBM announced the
commercial launch of its IBM Smart Business Development and Test on the IBM
Cloud. Along with products and services from IBM and other IBM Cloud
ecosystem partners, clients will be able to leverage Navajo Systems' VPS as
they are developing, testing and deploying applications on the IBM Cloud.

    About Navajo Systems

    Navajo Systems' vision is to dramatically expand the use of cloud
computing by eliminating the barriers related to data security and regulatory
concerns. Founded by experts in the fields of information security,
infrastructure security and Web application security, Navajo Systems has
introduced a patent-pending technology which promises to revolutionize SaaS
application data security. The company, based in Israel, is funded by
Jerusalem Venture Partners (, a leading Israeli venture
capital fund with over $780 million under management. For more information,
visit or call 1-866-328-1471.

    About IBM Cloud

    For more information on IBM's cloud computing portfolio, research and
labs please visit,

    Media Contact(s):
    Tamar Limon
    JVP Media Studio

Source: Navajo Systems

Media Contact(s): Tamar Limon, JVP Media Studio, +972-2-640-9046,


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