Corsair's SandForce SSDs Soon

Aron Schatz
March 4, 2010

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Corsair has just announced a new line up of SSDs. They will be using the SandForce SF-1200 SSD controller at the heart to provide 280MB/s read and 260MB/s write speeds. They support TRIM and will be available in capacities of 100GB and 200GB. This means that there will be a large chunk of extra storage for block relocation and wear leveling.


  • Maximum sequential read speed 285MB/second
  • Maximum sequential write speed 275 MB/second
  • Latest generation Sandforce controller and MLC NAND flash for fast performance
  • Internal SATA II connectivity
  • TRIM support (O/S support required)
  • No moving parts for increased durability and reliability and quieter operations over standard hard disk drives
  • Decreased power usage for increased notebook or netbook battery life
  • 2.5" form factor for your portable computer needs
  • Included 2.5" to 3.5" bracket for installation on your desktop computer
  • Two year warranty

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