Dieter's Dream--Sleep the Weight Away

March 2, 2010

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Dieter's Dream--Sleep the Weight Away

Weight Control One of Many Health Benefits of Proper Sleep

WILSON, N.C., March 2 -- The best kept secret for the way to get bikini-ready in time for the beach might be hiding in your bedroom. How can forty winks help take care of extra fat? Dr. Mark Hooper, founder of My Ideal Pillow has some advice during this year's National Sleep Awareness Week, March 7-13, to focus on health benefits associated with proper rest, including, surprisingly, weight control.

Two appetite-controlling hormones are adversely affected by loss of sleep. The result? You're hungry! Not only are you hungry, in one sleep study, the participants' desire for high-calorie, carbohydrate-dense foods rose 45% after inadequate sleep. Another study indicates that those who sleep less than eight hours a night have a higher level of body fat.

How do you break a vicious cycle of sleepless nights with days fueled by caffeine? Dr. Mark Hooper, founder of My Ideal Pillow, based in Wilson, North Carolina, has the right advice.

Most common tips, such as avoiding caffeine, are familiar. But have you ever taken a sleep vacation? This can help restore a normal sleep cycle if a person has been sleep deprived for a long time. The idea is to fill up the sleep bank and also reestablish a sleep routine and rhythm to determine the right number of hours of sleep per night your body needs to feel refreshed and healthy. "The best way to do this is to leave home if possible," says Hooper. "One factor in insomnia is stress -- so you need to not only leave work stress behind but household chores and distractions."

One household basic that should travel is your pillow. "A pillow is a commonly used part of a sleep surface that plays a large role in supporting the spine and comfort for your head," says Hooper.

Chiropractor and My Ideal Pillow founder Dr. Mark Hooper tried "nearly every pillow on the market" with little success in matching the right pillow to his patients' needs during his 25 years of practice. Combining years of research with his expertise and experience, Dr. Hooper configured a system based on varying body measurements, sleeping positions and personal characteristics -- and My Ideal Pillow was born. He implemented a unique computerized fitting system that customizes the pillow for each individual to help create the right environment for a healthy, refreshing night's sleep. "A pillow that supports the neck and lumbar region and cradles the head with just the right amount of firmness provides not just optimum back health but overall health and restorative rest," says Hooper.

And once a new, healthy sleep routine is established, Hooper says stick to the schedule even on the weekends. "Everyone enjoys sleeping in occasionally," says Hooper, "but a regular pattern of waking and sleeping seven days a week is best for optimal health."

About My Ideal Pillow

My Ideal Pillow broke new ground in the sleep industry as the world's first company to create a pillow designed by a medical practitioner -- a chiropractor and the company's founder, Dr. Mark Hooper. It is also the first to use computer precision to customize density and support based on an individual's sleep position and body type. In addition, My Ideal Pillow works with the nation's premier bedding manufacturer for a product handcrafted in the United States out of the highest quality fabrics, down and down alternative fills. Find out about our money back guarantee at or call 1-888-676-4332.

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