E-shop Managers Waste too Much Time on IT

March 2, 2010

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E-shop Managers Waste too Much Time on IT

HAMBURG, Germany, March 2, 2010--

    - Outdated Software Slows Down e-Commerce Business

    - novomind iSHOP(TM): Easy-to-use Technology Frees up Shop Operators for
Other Tasks

    Shop operators do more window-dressing than selling

    E-shop managers spend more time on IT than on actual selling. The reason
for this is that their software systems are too old. Above all, they lack
user-friendly tools that simplify the advance planning of marketing
campaigns. Shop operators generally have to have their websites reprogrammed
- a complex business - because they don't have the technology to place the
desired articles in the desired spot at the click of a mouse. What's more,
with their current shop set-ups, e-commerce pros all too often take a
do-it-yourself approach to adapting product data for promotions and, in doing
so, squander sales potential because their online agents are acting more as
Internet window-dressers than sellers. These are the findings of a recent
market survey conducted by novomind.

    Urgent need for e-shop IT upgrades

    Technological solutions and new software architectures for making online
selling more efficient already exist, but the e-commerce industry is still
faced with extensive modernisation on their e-shopping systems. Hardly any of
the big online retailers have overhauled their shop IT significantly in the
past ten years. Many established e-shops have simply added on the latest
technology modules. The result: increasingly complex data management and
user-hostile functions. Both slow growth in online sales because they leave
too little time for the proper planning of marketing activities.

    Intuitive operation simplifies shop management

    "Shop operators need to be in a position to launch campaigns and
promotional Web pages in real time - without a profound knowledge of IT or
time-consuming procedures for changing product details," says Thomas Kohler,
Managing Director of novomind iSHOP GmbH. For its e-shop platform, this joint
venture between OTTO and novomind uses a newly developed concept with young
technology. So now shop operators can forget about the technical side of the
business thanks to new features and simple processes. These include drag &
drop functions, for example, and a campaign overview that lets shop managers
display their websites' plans for the year in a timeline. This frees up a
great deal of time for online sales specialists to deal with their actual
jobs, for instance reconciling newsletter contents with the product range on
their shop sites.

    novomind iSHOP GmbH

    OTTO has put four of its e-shops online with novomind iSHOP(TM) in the
past twelve months, during which the OTTO Russia pilot project was followed
by the specialist shops yourhome.de, schlafwelt.de and mein-mea.de. As
partners, novomind and OTTO can pool and make the most of their knowledge of
e-commerce. The platform for their joint venture is novomind iSHOP GmbH.

    novomind at CeBIT 2010

    novomind will be demonstrating the concept behind novomind iSHOP(TM) from
2 to 6 March at CeBIT 2010 - at the hamburg@work stand it will be sharing
with other exhibitors: stand G08 in hall 6.

    novomind AG: innovative e-business solutions for the modern Internet
world and for professional customer communication

    Since 1999, Hamburg company novomind has been developing
innovative e-business solutions for the modern Internet world in four
e-business disciplines: e-commerce (e-shops and zoom server), ePDM
(electronic product management), e-marketplace (marketplace integration) and
e-communication (solutions for contact and service centres).

    novomind is a European technology leader in every service
segment and covers the whole digital value-adding chain in retail and
electronic customer communication. The Hamburg-based software house is the
fastest growing company in the fields of electronic customer communication
and mail management.

    novomind also provides comprehensive consultancy services for
people choosing a suitable IT system for e-commerce. Established licence
software like IBM WebSphere Commerce Server and INTERSHOP ENFINITY is
considered, as are custom-made novomind solutions based on novomind

    novomind AG is currently assisting more than 80 companies
including Citibank, Der Club Bertelsmann, Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund,
Ernsting's family, EnBW, gebruder gotz, OTTO and QVC.

    For more information visit http://www.novomind.com.
    novomind AG, Bramfelder Strasse 121, 22305 Hamburg
    Press contact: Jan Kleinevoss, Faktenkontor GmbH,
    Tel.: +49(0)40-227038131, Fax: +49(0)40-227034131
    E-mail: jan.kleinevoss@faktenkontor.de

Source: novomind AG

novomind AG, Bramfelder Strasse 121, 22305 Hamburg, Press contact: Jan Kleinevoss, Faktenkontor GmbH, Tel.: +49(0)40-227038131, Fax: +49(0)40-227034131, E-mail: jan.kleinevoss@faktenkontor.de


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