Level Four and GALITT Partner to Offer EMV Compliant ATM Testing in Canada

March 2, 2010

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Level Four and GALITT Partner to Offer EMV Compliant ATM Testing in Canada

LONDON, March 2, 2010--     Level Four, the leading provider of automated ATM software
testing solutions, today announced that the company will be extending its
partnership with GALITT, the leading provider of advanced test solutions for
transactional systems and EMV cards into the Canadian market. The partnership
combines Level Four's ATM test solution, BRIDGE:test, with GALITT's
KaNest-ICC(TM) EMV card simulator to provide a comprehensive testing solution
for EMV compliant ATM networks.

    The partnership will enable Canadian-based banks to benefit
from the combination of best of breed solutions in their respective areas. As
migration to EMV continues worldwide, Level Four and GALITT will build on
their success in France to promote their joint offering in Canada.

    Ian Kerr, CEO, Level Four, said: "EMV migration significantly
increases the scope of testing required at the ATM as there is a much greater
number of components interacting with each other. Our partnership with GALITT
brings in a specialist EMV simulation solution to complement the
functionality of BRIDGE:test and will help us to provide best in class
testing solutions to new and existing clients that are migrating to EMV in

    Gerard de Moura, 'Managing Director' at GALITT, commented: "As
Canada becomes the latest in a long line of countries to move to the EMV
standard, we believe that our joint offering will take the pain out of
migration, helping to ensure maximum uptime for EMV compliant ATM networks.
As more and more countries adopt this standard, we will continue to work with
Level Four to promote our combined EMV offering worldwide."

    About GALITT Canada

    GALITT Canada has significant expertise in testing payment
systems, including acquiring and issuing hosts in conjunction with interbank
systems, payment acceptance devices, ATMs and any system accepting smart
cards. Established in Montreal (Quebec) since 2002, initially under the name
of KaSYS Canada, GALITT Canada is recognised for its industry expertise and
the quality of its testing solutions. GALITT's market leading EMV testing
software and transactional systems are the most exhaustive and flexible on
the market, with easy-to-use and sophisticated automation capabilities.

    About Level Four

    Level Four's development and testing products have been built to address
the needs of ATM deployers seeking to maximise their investment in the ATM
channel. BRIDGE:test is targeted at banks and ATM deployers who are running,
or seeking to run, a modern ATM network based on the industry-wide CEN/XFS
open standard. Since 1995, Level Four has built an impressive global customer
base of banks and payments processors including, Royal Bank of Scotland,
Lloyds TSB, Bank of America, CIBC, VocaLink and Standard Bank of South
Africa. Headquartered in Dunfermline, Level Four has offices in Dubai and
Charlotte, NC. http://www.levelfour.com

    Level Four's online ATM industry resource: http://www.atmindustryinfo.com

Source: Level Four Software Ltd

For more information, please contact: Lorraine O' Hagan, Hotwire, +44(0)20-7608-4665,  levelfour@hotwirepr.com ;  For more information from GALITT Canada, please Contact Jean-Christophe Derre, jc.derre@galitt.ca, +1-514-994-3831


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