16 Ports and 4 IP Users: Adder Turns up the Heat on Existing KVM-Over-IP Technologies

March 2, 2010

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16 Ports and 4 IP Users: Adder Turns up the Heat on Existing KVM-Over-IP Technologies

CAMBRIDGE, England and BERLIN, March 2, 2010--

    - New CATxIP5000 Challenges Existing Enterprise KVM Perception

    Adder, (http://www.adder.com/welcome.aspx) the KVM experts will showcase
the new CATxIP5000
(http://www.adder.com/UK/products/adderviewcatxip5000.aspx) at the CeBIT 2010
(Hall 12, Stand B76) on March 2nd to 6th in Hannover.

    Adder Technology is one of the unique thought leaders in KVM technology
that you can guarantee will deliver something extraordinary. The latest and
possibly most disruptive KVM-over-IP technology that Adder has developed is
the new CATxIP5000. This product pushes the boundaries of existing KVM
technology by delivering the same functionality that you would find in a
large power hungry KVM switch in an astonishingly small, low power and low
cost package.

    Together with chip designers Adventiq, Adder has developed a 16 port CATx
KVM switch which delivers 4 independent non-blocking remote access sessions
over standard network infrastructure. Adder's continued Research and
Development in KVM over IP technology and the use of unique chipsets from
Adventiq has resulted in a design breakthrough that enables an enterprise
grade multi-session KVM-over-IP switch to be delivered at less than half the
cost that would normally be expected for such functionality. Furthermore the
very small form factor means that a system that supports 10 users and 32
computers can be provided using just 1U of rack space.

    Nigel Dickens CTO commented "We are really proud of this new technology
which we perceive as being market disruptive in terms of the price, space and
power advantages it offers to customers. Previous multi-session KVM products
have been too expensive to justify in many instances but this technology
changes all that. The high performance to price ratio is all down to the
uniqueness of the design concept - aspects of which are very different to
existing KVM-over-IP solutions."

    Integrating the latest generation of viewers from the inventors of VNC
technology (Real VNC), the CATxIP5000 is ready to go straight from the box.
Using Real VNC alongside the CATxIP5000 hardware delivers a truly intuitive
yet feature rich user experience. Adder's ingrained principal of open
architecture also means you can use the device with any other VNC application
on the market.

    Furthermore, at launch, this device will ship with the ADDER.net network
management suite. ADDER.net has been 3 years in development, and offers
enterprise scale management of IP control devices and virtual servers.
Adder.net puts all your equipment within easy reach from a single well
thought out interface. The software presents itself in two forms; Management
Suite and Connection Suite, allowing different user levels to gain
administrative access. Fully integrated with active directory, users can be
authenticated against your existing infrastructure. The system is also server
based giving all users' direct access, authentication dependant, from any
networked machine, any time.

    The CATxIP5000 is available immediately from Adder Technology at a launch
price of EUR1195 ($1750). For more information on Adder and the CATxIP5000,
simply visit http://www.adder.com

    About Adder

    Adder is a leading developer of KVM technology and extenders. Adder's
advanced range of KVM switches, extenders and IP solutions enable the control
of local, remote and global IT systems. The company distributes its products
in more than 60 countries through a network of distributors, resellers and
OEMs. Adder has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, the
Netherlands, and Singapore. Visit http://www.adder.com.

    PR Contacts

    N. America
    Michael Becce
    MRB Public Relations

    Heather Santos
    Adder Corporation

    Jamie Shepperd
    Adder Technology

    Asia Pacific
    CH Leong
    Adder Asia

Source: Adder Technology

PR Contacts: N. America, Michael Becce, MRB Public Relations, +1-732-758-1100x104, mbecce@mrb-pr.com; Heather Santos, Adder Corporation, US.PR@adder.com; EMEA, Jamie Shepperd, Adder Technology, EMEA.PR@adder.com; Asia Pacific, CH Leong, Adder Asia, APAC.PR@adder.com


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