eMeter EnergyIP(TM) Integrated With SAP(R) AMI Integration for Utilities to Further Enable Forward-Thinking Utilities

March 2, 2010

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eMeter EnergyIP(TM) Integrated With SAP(R) AMI Integration for Utilities to Further Enable Forward-Thinking Utilities

Utilities need to plan for the future or risk obsolescence by 2020

SAN MATEO, Calif., March 2 -- eMeter today announced its groundbreaking meter data management (MDM) system, EnergyIP(TM), is integrated with the SAPĀ® AMI Integration for Utilities software, providing electric, gas, and water utilities the visibility and process automation necessary to drive operational efficiency and improve customer service.

eMeter successfully tested EnergyIP's meter data unification and synchronization (MDUS) interfaces for data management, exchange and process integration with SAP AMI Integration for Utilities, demonstrating functionality based on integration between multiple meter data collection systems and downstream solutions such as the SAP for Utilities solution portfolio.

  eMeter successfully tested the following six scenarios:
  --  Initial advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) meter deployment
  --  Move-out and move-in at premise with billing for move-out customer
  --  Meter change with rate change
  --  Batch meter reading with billing (i.e., periodic billing)
  --  Time series data import with billing
  --  Call Center Resolution with on-demand read (e.g., to the head end)

As a member of the SAP AMI Lighthouse Council, eMeter has worked alongside other council members to define and deliver application-level interoperability between EnergyIP and SAP's market-leading utility solution.  With EnergyIP integrated with SAP AMI Integration for Utilities, utilities gain the advantage of an out-of-the box, standard interface, enabling them to capitalize on EnergyIP's capabilities essential to intelligent metering and smart-grid success.

"Today's utilities need to be preparing for the future or take on a major risk of obsolescence by 2020. As a result, utilities need to undergo significant improvements in communication infrastructures and in their data handling capabilities.  Scalable business processes, smarter grid management and enhanced customer engagement are the keys to successful smart meter rollouts. Forward-thinking utilities can rely on eMeter to automate the smart meter lifecycle to be ready to handle these changes," said Larsh Johnson, Chief Technology Officer, eMeter.

"eMeter's products are built for scalability and are designed for utilities and their downstream customers to experience the benefits of smart-grid deployments," added Johnson.  "For this reason, we believe the successful integration of EnergyIP with SAP AMI Integration for Utilities will help utilities drive towards increased operational efficiency and improved customer service."

About eMeter

eMeter provides essential software that enables electric, gas and water utilities to realize the full benefits of Smart Grid. Leading utilities worldwide depend on eMeter Smart Grid Management software to reduce operational costs, improve customer service, and drive energy efficiency. With the most large-scale deployments in the industry and strategic partnerships with Accenture, IBM, Logica, and Siemens, eMeter has built a reputation for unparalleled expertise that ensures customer success. For more information visit: http://www.emeter.com.

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Web Site:  http://www.emeter.com/


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