Jive Software Launches Jive Ideation - Freeing Ideas to Flourish

March 2, 2010

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Jive Software Launches Jive Ideation - Freeing Ideas to Flourish

With Jive Ideation, Companies Tap the Power of Crowd-sourcing and Social Networks to Identify and Nurture the Best Ideas for Bigger Outcomes

PORTLAND, Ore., March 2 --   News
  --  Jive, the Social Business Software (SBS) leader, today announced Jive
      Ideation, the latest expansion to its lineup of top-rated SBS
  --  Jive's customers routinely highlight the innovation that naturally
      occurs from the powerful collaboration capabilities of Jive SBS. A
      number of these customers asked Jive to tackle a more complex problem:
      how to free ideas from standalone innovation management products and
      Excel-based tools that leave ideas trapped in silos with little
      discussion or visibility.
  --  Now, with Jive Ideation, Jive is adding more muscle to the process of
      capturing, organizing and prioritizing ideas generated by employees,
      customers, and partners. And, unlike existing offerings, Jive Ideation
      takes this one step further by supporting rich collaboration and
      vibrant discussions without drowning in a river of ideas.
  --  For companies looking to cast the net wide, Jive Ideation can be
      extended with the social media monitoring capabilities of Jive Market
      Engagement. Used together, Jive customers can incorporate real-time
      market insights from Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks to
      enrich and accelerate the innovation lifecycle.

  Product Detail
  --  Jive SBS is already a touchstone for innovation because it naturally
      connects people, ideas, and information without regard to time zones,
      geographies, or hierarchies. By adding Jive Ideation, companies can
      draw inspiration and opinion from a much wider audience of employees,
      customers, and partners through a set of powerful features designed
      for the complex realities of today's markets.
      --  Customer community members and employee community members can
          create, vote on, and discuss ideas with peers through Jive's
          best-in-class interface that invites broad participation.
      --  Product and R&D employees can easily organize and prioritize ideas
          by stage, most popular ideas, and most active discussions - and
          then share those findings with their colleagues.
      --  Only Jive bridges customer and employee communities. As a result,
          employees can easily monitor idea creation and progression from
          within their Jive SBS employee community, enabling them to keep a
          constant pulse on the voice of the market.
      --  Moderators have a number of customizable workflow tools to manage
          the ideation process from capturing and evaluating ideas through
          implementation, ensuring that the best ideas quickly bubble up to
          the right people for rapid decision making and action.
      --  With a transparent collaboration process, customers and partners
          can track how their input aligns with that of their community
          peers and the enterprise. Enterprises can also  recognize and
          reward top idea generators and participants.

  Supporting Quotes
  --  "It's a dog fight to find The Next Big Idea," said Ben Kiker, CMO of
      Jive Software. "Quickly finding and surfacing that idea in an
      efficient way is one of the keys to competitive advantage, market
      share and profits. For organizations that consider innovation core to
      their culture, they'll love Jive Ideation."
  --  "The SAPĀ® Community Network plays a critical role in helping SAP to
      develop and prioritize new ideas for solutions that meet our customer
      needs," said Anne Hardy, vice president, Technology, Office of the
      CTO, SAP Labs LLC.  "Having now seen the Jive Ideation Module, it is
      clear the software could play a role in increasing effectiveness in
      these areas and in managing the projects in private areas until they
      are ready for a public roll out."
  --  "Our ability to harness employee ideas is a key part of our innovation
      strategy," said J.C. Groon, Head of Innovation Programs of NAVTEQ, the
      leading global provider of digital map, traffic and location data for
      in-vehicle, portable, wireless and enterprise solutions.  "Success in
      our innovation program depends on our ability to enable our employees
      to interact across geographic and functional boundaries and innovate
      together.  We are impressed with how Jive is approaching both pieces
      of the equation, and based on our use of Jive Ideation, it will have a
      significant impact on our innovation program."

  Product Availability
  --  The Jive Ideation module is available now for existing Jive customers.
      Click here for more information.

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  --  Jive Ideation Web page
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  About Jive Software

"How can we work better together and connect with customers in a more authentic way?" Every day millions of people experience the answer: Jive Social Business Software (SBS), which is driving the biggest change to business practices in decades. Jive SBS takes all the great things people love about social networking software, collaboration software, and community software and makes those work for business. That's why many of the brands that drive the global economy - including Cisco, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Intel, NIKE Inc., SAP, Swiss Re, T-Mobile and Yum! Brands - and thousands of other companies all Jive. Jive is number one in Social Business Software, with the most extensive solution, the largest implementations, and unmatched expertise in delivering value.

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