OpenSAF(TM) Readies for Steep Acceleration

March 2, 2010

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OpenSAF(TM) Readies for Steep Acceleration

Entering it's third year, OpenSAF focuses on new releases, annual developer conference, and commercial deployments

DANVILLE, Calif., March 2  -- OpenSAF(TM), an open source community with projects focused on high availability middleware, today reported results of its third annual General Members meeting. The focus of this year's meeting was on preparing for growth and accelerating commercial deployments. Several indicators show steep acceleration of OpenSAF in 2010. Earlier this year the OpenSAF project announced that Ericsson AB has deployed OpenSAF in carrier networks. The annual developer conference in May will focus on how OpenSAF can be used for commercial applications, as well as presentations from ISV and OS vendors on how they are integrating OpenSAF.  The OpenSAF project has plans for two major releases in 2010 that will deliver key functionality needed to increase commercial adoption.

A significant event of 2010 for the OpenSAF project will be the upcoming release of OpenSAF 4.0, which includes key functions such as software management and a common hardware platform interface. This includes the ability to seamlessly upgrade network devices in the field, which has always been a difficult task. Release 4.0 introduces a more modular design allowing flexible implementation and configuration of services. This will enable scaling a common high availability solution from small network devices up to large multipurpose platforms. Release 4.0 will also provide support for a key capability that enables monitoring and managing the hardware on which highly reliable applications are hosted. The OpenSAF project has also indicated they will have a 4.1 release in the fall of 2010.

The OpenSAF Developer Days conference will focus on the use of new services available in OpenSAF 4.0, how they can be used with applications requiring high availability and the ecosystem that is evolving around the project. This two-day conference is free to all, and targets developers, users and managers who are interested in learning how to use and adopt OpenSAF. The Developer Days conference will be held at the Hewlett Packard facilities in Palo Alto, CA on May 24th & 25th 2010. Maintainers and users of the OpenSAF project will lead sessions at this year's conference. The conference is the ideal venue for sharing experiences with community experts, learning how to adopt OpenSAF and for providing input to the project roadmap. Information, program details and the free registration form are available at the OpenSAF website or visit

The OpenSAF Foundation also announced the election of a new board of directors and officers for 2010:

  --  President of OpenSAF Foundation; Monica Hatlen of Ericsson
  --  Vice President; Alan Meyer of Hewlett Packard
  --  Secretary; John Fryer of Emerson Network Power
  --  Treasurer; Peter Heffernan of SUN Microsystems
  --  Marketing Officer; Glenn Seiler of Wind River Systems

  About OpenSAF

OpenSAF(TM) is an open source community with projects focused on high availability middleware. The goal of OpenSAF projects is to develop HA middleware that is consistent with the Service Availability(TM) Forum (SA Forum(TM)) specifications. OpenSAF is freely available to anyone under the LGPLv2.1 and anyone may contribute to the code base. The OpenSAF Foundation is a not-for-profit organization established by leading communications and computing companies to facilitate the work of the OpenSAF project and to accelerate the adoption of OpenSAF in commercial products. Learn more about the OpenSAF Foundation at

Contact: Henry Turko  +1 925-964-9298 Office +1 925-683-0150 Mobile

Source: OpenSAF Foundation

CONTACT:  Henry Turko of OpenSAF Foundation,,
+1-925-964-9298 Office, +1-925-683-0150 Mobile

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