Visible Vote Responds to Supreme Court; Puts Campaign Finance in the People's Pockets

March 2, 2010

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Visible Vote Responds to Supreme Court; Puts Campaign Finance in the People's Pockets

Leading Personal Democracy Tool Becomes the First Broad Source for Mobile Phone Campaign Contributions

CHICAGO, March 2 -- Today Visible Vote announced a new feature giving its 60,000 users the ability to make campaign contributions directly from their mobile phones. The feature, which comes on the heels of a Supreme Court decision to ease limits on corporate contributions, makes it easier for individuals to make a political impact using the technology in their pockets. Visible Vote, a nonpartisan application, already helps people discover how often they side with their legislators on key issues.

"Our approach is to make it simple and convenient for many people to donate small amounts and outweigh corporate influence," said Paul Everton, CEO of Visible Vote. "With most of the debate centered on limiting the big guys, we've created tools for people on the ground to directly influence campaign outcomes."

The new feature will help future candidates from any party build on records set in the 2008 presidential election where Barack Obama and rival John McCain raised a total of $213 million in small contributions from individuals. Using Visible Vote, it takes only four steps and less than two minutes to make a contribution to a user's choice of hundreds of candidates from an iPhone, BlackBerry, Google Android phone or PC. Visible Vote complies with Federal Election Commission rules by automatically and securely submitting required data to campaigns along with contributions.

Visible Vote's core feature allows people with a PC, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android phone or Facebook account to advise Congress on how to represent them on any legislation. After the legislators vote, it instantly compares users' views to those of their elected officials. Other features include the ability to call legislative offices, send your legislator a fax at the push of a button and view state-by-state data on legislator performance. People can begin making their voices heard for free through Visible Vote or view its real-time data by visiting

Visible Vote

Visible Vote is a new, non-partisan approach to creating greater transparency for our representative form of government.

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