Saudi Arabia Prime Market for Digital Marketing

March 2, 2010

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Saudi Arabia Prime Market for Digital Marketing

DUBAI, UAE, March 2, 2010--     In a recent survey conducted by the International Quality & Productivity
Centre, 73% of 1,048 respondents have chosen Saudi Arabia as the country they
are most likely to position their digital marketing focus for 2010-2011.

    In a country of almost 30 million where 40% of the population are Arabic
speaking digital natives - there has been a rapid increase in global media
and consultancies competing to do business with local companies and brands in
their native language.

    The acquisition of Maktoob by Yahoo! in 2009 along with Google's recent
announcement to launch its Buzz feature in Arabic predicts a robust and
sustained future for the digital marketing industry in the region.

    At the recent partnership launch between Facebook and Connect Ads it was
revealed that 9.7 million people in the region are part of the social
networking platform, providing a great opportunity for brands to actively
engage directly with this as-yet untapped consumer base.

    Click 4.0, a digital marketing conference being held in Dubai from June
20 to 24 2010 commissioned this survey to gauge what marketers across all
industries in the region felt about critical subjects like social media,
integration of digital marketing into the traditional campaign mix and
tackling transparency issues. The survey aims to provide an accurate
reflection of the most pressing issues marketers face in order to help the
developers of Click 4.0 feature the strategies and solutions needed to tackle

    51% of respondents also mentioned that their biggest dilemma in the
region was marketing in Arabic, with one marketer wondering how to 'create
remarkable, relevant content... which sticks or resonates' with the target

    Abdulla Al-Dabbagh, Marketing Manager of Yahoo! Middle East, Lead Sponsor
for Click 4.0 says "The Internet is a great tool for advertisers as it
provides them with the tools to effectively engage with the region's online
consumers through various sophisticated targeting capabilities and innovative
engagement opportunities. There is a great potential in this market where the
spending on online advertising is expected to grow by 35 - 40% this year in
the region, according to Madar Research. Online is definitely the way forward
and our region is on the right track!"

    Joining Yahoo! Middle East as speakers are the region's digital leaders
including Yousef Tuqan of Flip Media, Abdullatif Al Sayegh, former CEO of
Arab Media Group, Alex McNabb of Spot On PR, Kapil Bhatia of HSBC Middle East
Limited, Islam Zween of and Reem Bishara of Burger King.
International support for the event has come from all aspects of the digital
marketing industry, including Digital Buzz - the world's number one digital
marketing blog, Communicate Magazine, Mashable, eConsultancy, Zawya and
Visibility Magazine.

    Anthony J Permal

Source: IQPC Middle East

Contact: Anthony J Permal, +971-43602942, .


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