Families Seek Vivos Shelters for Future Catastrophes

March 1, 2010

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Families Seek Vivos Shelters for Future Catastrophes

DEL MAR, Calif., March 1 -- Millions of people believe that we are living in the "end times." Many are looking for a solution to survive future Earth devastating events, with the belief that eventually, our planet will realize a widespread, devastating catastrophe, be it manmade or a cyclical force of nature.  A visionary company, located in California, recognized this pent-up demand and has created Vivos shelters as a long-term solution for non-government citizens to survive any apocalypse.  Vivos is being marketed on the company's website (http://www.terravivos.com/) as the ultimate life assurance that will always be there, even on short notice.  Vivos is making headway, now with its first bunker located between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, along with hundreds of applications for membership from a diverse group of private citizens ranging from physicians to retired military personnel, all of whom are greatly concerned about their families' survival.

Robert Vicino (http://tr.im/QhcG), founder of Vivos, states: "The Vivos complexes are deep-underground, airtight, fully self-contained shelters designed to survive virtually any catastrophe or threat scenario including: natural disasters, a nuclear blast, chemical and biological weapons, or even widespread social anarchy." As dramatized in an animated walk-through video (http://tr.im/PUYT), each self-contained shelter complex will comfortably accommodate a diverse community of 200 people, in spacious quarters, for up to one year of autonomous survival, to ride out the potential events. Every detail has been considered and planned for.  Members need to only arrive before their facility is sealed and secured, be that in 2012 or beyond.

The Vivos underground shelter complexes (http://tr.im/QhdY) have been engineered by a team of experts to withstand a 50 megaton blast, within 10 miles, and virtually any other force that either nature or mankind may create. The primary Vivos design is based on a spoke cluster, with 10 radiating living compartments surrounding a 2-story, 60 foot diameter central dome.  The complex provides a large community gathering area and semi-private quarters for comfortable and spacious, long-term accommodations.

"At complete build out, our goal is to have 20 Vivos shelters located (http://tr.im/QheC) across the United States, accommodating up to 3,600 people, each strategically located within 150 to 200 miles of virtually every major metro area," Vicino added.

Reportedly, Vivos is the only deeded, privately co-owned shelter network on Earth.  The company points out that a tremendous benefit to shelters of the Vivos' scale is the opportunity for a true community of people, with a diverse set of skills and abilities, all supporting one another, versus the lonely existence of a small survival group in a typically vulnerable and claustrophobic backyard bunker.

Every consideration has been made for the overall comfort and survival of the Vivos community. Each shelter is totally self-sufficient, with deep water wells, NBC air filtration, redundant power generation, fuel storage, septic systems, survival equipment and supplies, appropriate security measures, an abundant supply of freeze dried foods, hybrid seeds, medicine and medical/dental equipment, clothing, educational books and literature, entertainment, communication facilities, farming and fishing equipment, and a variety of off-road vehicles.

"Disasters are always rare and unexpected, but on any sort of long timeline, they're inevitable.  Where else would you go with just a few days' notice?" Vicino concluded.

  High resolution photos can be captured at: complexes (http://tr.im/QhdY).

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  Barbara Grossman
  The Vivos Group

Source: Vivos

CONTACT:  Barbara Grossman of The Vivos Group, +1-619-300-5194,

Web Site:  http://www.terravivos.com/


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