NetProspex and Rapleaf Partner to Add Social Layer to Business Contacts

March 1, 2010

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NetProspex and Rapleaf Partner to Add Social Layer to Business Contacts

Fast-growing sales and marketing database joins forces with social data provider to bring social media components to directory of 9 million-plus verified business contacts

WALTHAM, Mass., March 1 -- NetProspex Inc., the world's most accurate and fastest-growing sales and marketing contact database, today announced a premiere partnership deal with Rapleaf.

NetProspex and Rapleaf have joined forces to add a social layer of data to NetProspex's crowd-sourced business contact directory, which allows B2B marketers to successfully decipher the social demographics of business prospects and customers for the first time.

Leveraging Rapleaf's capabilities as the largest provider of online social data, NetProspex now makes it possible for B2B marketers to pinpoint the most socially-connected business decision-makers on the internet.

"The addition of social data to NetProspex' business contact directory is the Rosetta Stone between business people and their social presence," said Gary Halliwell, CEO of NetProspex. "To be able to determine who are the most influential decision makers allows B2B marketers to more efficiently segment markets and determine the marketing mix for each segment. We are facilitating the conversation through social media channels, allowing B2B marketers to engage prospects, customers, and partners with a new level of insight and intelligence."

  NetProspex customers will be able to:

  --  Easily link to a business prospect's social media persona
  --  Let sales and marketing executives find and follow buyer conversations
  --  Identify social influencers within customer and prospect groups

"Combining NetProspex' focus on providing a crowd-sourced directory of accurate, verified business contacts with social media information provides the key to unlocking the potential of social media for business to business communication," adds Rapleaf CEO Auren Hoffman.

About NetProspex

NetProspex is the world's most accurate and fastest-growing sales and marketing database, helping BtoB decision makers find, reach, and connect with nearly 10 million sales prospects in a uniquely direct and measurable way.

Founded in 2006 by online publishing and marketing industry veterans Gary Halliwell and Jeff Clewley, NetProspex understands that effective sales and marketing efforts require the most in-depth and accurate prospect data. The core product line overlays crowd-sourced, user-contributed contact information with proprietary verification technology to produce an entirely unique and highly effective sales and marketing contact database. With a 100% replacement guarantee and continual data scrubbing, NetProspex is the leading source of accurate, crowd-sourced business intelligence.

About Rapleaf

Rapleaf provides social data about a company's customers to help businesses gain audience insight, boost user engagement, and acquire more customers.

In particular, Rapleaf offers insight into customer influence and sociability, social network use, demographics, lifestyles and interests, purchase behavior, brand affinities, and more. This data helps businesses improve their customer experience through the ability to better segment customers, identify influencers, socialize CRM, and to buy targeted display ads.

Today, Rapleaf has fresh data on over 350 million people worldwide and helps leading businesses from all industries drive conversions and optimize both online and offline marketing efforts. For more information, please visit

  Media Contact:
  Matt Rizzetta
  North 6th Agency

Source: NetProspex Inc.

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