CallFire Releases Hosted IVR

March 1, 2010

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CallFire Releases Hosted IVR

CallFire, a provider of hosted cloud telephony technology, has launched its Hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) product.

LOS ANGELES, March 1 -- CallFire, a provider of hosted cloud telephony technology, has launched its Hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) product.  This product fills an important gap in the telephony space allowing for rich customer interactions without live call center representatives.  IVRs are widely used for large enterprises, but with this release, CallFire is democratizing the technology for smaller to mid-size businesses. Hosted IVR's robust capabilities offer a comprehensive solution for a large variety of telecom needs.

  CallFire's Hosted IVR Features include:
  --  Human-like text-to-speech
  --  Scale from 1 to 1000s of calls
  --  APIs for developer integration
  --  Real-time phone number provisioning
  --  Simple pricing starting at 5 cents per minute

Core to CallFire's Hosted IVR product is the user-friendly IVR designer, which offers drag and drop functionality for non-technical users empowering them to create complex surveys, and meeting reminders via an intuitive, engaging user interface.  This capability widens the range of users who can individually build their own IVRs, something that historically could only be done by a developer.  The ease of use, however, does not decrease the feature set.  Features that include reading text from a specific excel column using text to speech, complex dial plans, recording of responses, and even Google analytics integration. "The product is so easy to use, we think it will revolutionize the way small businesses use telephones to save time, collect data & become more productive," said Dinesh Ravishankar, CEO of CallFire.  He continues, "Real time reporting and enterprise scalability allow larger businesses to leverage the same features at a fraction of what they used to pay."

To try an IVR demonstration, please call 877-494-7175.

Hosted IVR's feature set supports a wide range of customer uses creating a high degree of personalization in the conversation.  For example, the IVR can be used for a virtual receptionist that will route phone calls, Comprehensive phone surveys that will compile results, or Customized appointment reminders.  The IVR can either be sent out to a list of phone numbers or assigned to a specific phone number that can receive incoming calls.

  Becky Siegel
  Marketing Coordinator
  Sales: 877.897.FIRE

  About CallFire:

CallFire is an industry leader in cloud telephony services that makes using VoIP simple. CallFire specializes in providing high-availability systems, beautiful user interfaces, furious developer support, and unparalleled customer care. Our products include hosted power dialing for agents, voice broadcast, toll free numbers, call tracking analytics and voice APIs. Our tools help developers, carriers & publishers build useful telephony applications. CallFire is located in Downtown Los Angeles and is comprised of a friendly group of intellectuals with aspirations to revolutionize how companies do business.

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CONTACT:  Becky Siegel, Marketing Coordinator, CallFire, Sales:


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