Zeta Interactive Launches Brand New Digital Coupon and Insert Solution Through Its Digital Publishing Platform

March 1, 2010

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Zeta Interactive Launches Brand New Digital Coupon and Insert Solution Through Its Digital Publishing Platform

Leading interactive marketing agency provides marketers digital alternatives to improve overall effectiveness and efficiency of legacy coupons and circulars

NEW YORK, March 1 -- Zeta Interactive, a leading full-service digital marketing agency, today announced that it will be launching an Electronic Free Standing Insert (EFSI) product initiative through its highly acclaimed digital publishing and email marketing platform, Zeta Next Page. The program enables retailers and CPG manufacturers to transform their legacy print coupon offers, newspaper inserts and circulars into dynamic digital units distributed directly to consumers by email, saving significant printing and distribution costs, extending reach to new audiences, and providing unparalleled insight into customer behavior and response activity.

Consumer buying habits have changed drastically, with over 20 percent of the American population now using online coupons in their purchase process, according to CouponsInc.com. Additionally, requests for online coupons on search engines such as Google have increased by nearly 180 percent last year alone. As a result, traditional print promotional strategies have been severely impacted, and the effectiveness of direct mail promotions and print media inserts for marketers continues to decline dramatically, while the importance of a strong digital promotional strategy is at an all-time high.

As such, Zeta Interactive's new EFSI solution enables marketers to drastically cut production costs and improve the effectiveness of their promotional insert campaigns by transforming this collateral into highly targeted, dynamic interactive content. Zeta Interactive will then design and implement a customized strategy for each marketer that assures the most relevant offer will reach the inbox of our clients target market.  Leveraging reader engagement metrics will allow marketers to tailor the e-coupons based on each customer's interests, and then analyze the engagement level and purchase behavior of that customer after the insert is delivered.  This robust suite of reader engagement reporting will provide marketers with the data required to continue to provide relevant, timely subsequent offers - and essentially further justify advertiser ROI.

Among the features Zeta Interactive will include in its EFSI solution are as follows:

  --  Design and development: Zeta Interactive can design, produce and
      develop content customized to each marketer's promotional initiative.
  --  Customizable audience targeting: Zeta Interactive's EFSI solution
      enables marketers to compile specific customer lists and target their
      audience on an inbox-by-inbox basis, based on customer interests,
      demographic information, purchasing behavior, and geo targets.
  --  Delivery assurance guarantee: Through effective targeting, Zeta
      Interactive's EFSI solution will focus on reaching 100% deliverability
      into the inboxes of each marketer's target customers.
  --  Customer analytics platform: with its new EFSI solution, Zeta
      Interactive will provide marketers with unparalleled customer
      engagement metrics, allowing them to fully understand and analyze the
      actions taken by each customer as a result of the promotional
      initiative.  Such data and insights is critical in refining the
      relevance of subsequent messaging and offers.
  --  Flexible emailing options: Marketers can leverage the new Zeta
      Interactive EFSI in as targeted or as broad a manner as their
      promotional campaign calls for; including, seasonal inserts which will
      be delivered to broad US household lists, customized regional coupons
      delivered to a very targeted demographic and/or location, and several

"As consumer adoption continues to shift away from print and into the digital age, it is essential for promotional marketers to readjust their strategies to focus on the online mediums that their customers are now using to make purchasing decisions," said Al DiGuido, CEO of Zeta Interactive. "There no longer is room in marketing budgets for high production costs and insertion fees.  We created the new EFSI solution to help marketers make their promotional campaigns and inserts more effective than ever before, at every step - from customized content creation to fully-accurate delivery and distribution to analysis and customer engagement reporting."

The Zeta Interactive EFSI solution is integrated into the company's Zeta Next Page platform, which was launched in 2009. Zeta Next Page is the first and only single-source technology, delivery platform and marketing solution that enables marketers to easily transform print collateral--magazines, newspapers, catalogs, marketing materials and more--into robust, interactive, and targeted digital publications, then market them through email and other digital channels for greater results.

The Zeta Interactive EFSI program is part of a series of new initiatives and product releases scheduled over the next several months aimed at shaping the new face of full-service digital marketing.

The company has enjoyed steady growth in the past year, expanding its client roster by more than 50 clients, bringing its customer list to over 200 Fortune 1000 customers, including Century 21, Sony and LiveNation.  Additionally, Zeta Interactive has increased its staff to more than 300 employees, and named more than a dozen industry veterans to lead its executive management team.  The company also achieved the prestigious recognition from Forrester Research as a leader in the email marketing sector.

For more information on Zeta Interactive, including a full listing of company locations, clients and executives, please visit: http://www.zetainteractive.com.

About Zeta Interactive

Zeta Interactive is a full-service digital marketing agency offering a wide range of services--from email and search marketing, to Web site development, creative services, social media marketing and mining, and more.  The company has been named among the Top 50 digital agencies in the U.S. and 25th among U.S. Search Agencies by Advertising Age.

A leading provider of integrated, interactive services, Zeta Interactive helps marketers realize the full potential of the Internet to build brands, increase sales, improve processes, and reduce costs.  The company's specialty is in crafting strategies and programs for marketers that help them acquire, retain, up-sell, cross-sell and win back their customers--cost effectively and efficiently--by leveraging customer data and insight from individual marketing initiatives to drive even more relevant and rewarding exchanges across all media and channels.  The company does so by providing superior proprietary technology and a marketing approach that is focused on accountability, measurability and ROI metrics.

Headquartered in New York City, Zeta Interactive has more than 300 employees worldwide located in California, Florida, Idaho, Nevada, New Jersey, Texas, Rhode Island and India. The company serves more than 200 clients currently, including such world-class companies as Live Nation and Sony Electronics Inc.  For more information please visit: http://www.zetainteractive.com.

Source: Zeta Interactive

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