LG Electronics Provides a 'Dose of HD' for the Healthcare Industry at HIMSS 2010

March 1, 2010

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LG Electronics Provides a 'Dose of HD' for the Healthcare Industry at HIMSS 2010

New UL Hospital Grade HDTVs, Monitors Provide Convenience, Added Benefits for Healthcare Providers and Patients

ATLANTA, March 1 -- Providing patients with the comforts of home, LG Electronics is introducing a wide array of products - healthcare HDTVs, network monitors, network attached storage and digital signage solutions - at the 2010 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Conference and Exhibition (HIMSS).

On display this week in LG's booth (#4403) are four UL Hospital Grade listed HDTVs and monitors as well as product solutions that provide cost-effective and secure technology to assist in the storage and sharing of digital records.

"At a time when the healthcare industry is undergoing significant changes, LG Electronics is looking ahead to anticipate industry needs and adapting our products to exceed our customers' expectations," said Tim Wright, director of LG Healthcare Commercial Products, LG Electronics USA, Inc. "From patient rooms to nurses stations to rehab facilities, LG offers products that will provide a Full HD experience, making patients feel at ease."

A "Dose of HD"

Designed specifically for the healthcare industry, LG's 22-, 26- and 32-inch class* UL Listed Hospital Grade LCD HDTVs combine patient-centric features with technologies aimed at easing the overall integration.

For the patient room environment, the LG3DCH series has "invisible speakers" - which hide the speaker grill in a sleek bezel - as well as pillow speaker ports that allow patients to control the volume of their TV at the bedside and feel more comfortable during their hospital stay. This combination of sophisticated style and smart technology enhances the look and feel of the room and provides a pleasant diversion during the hospital stay, making the room more comfortable for patients and families. Available in 22- and 32-inch class* models, the LG3DCH series also features Power Saving modes that provide added energy savings for hospitals looking to upgrade technology and still save energy.

Also on display is LG's line of LCD HD capable monitors (models M3703CCBH and M4224CCBH) that can function as an in-room TV using an additional tuner source. With Full HD 1080p resolution, the 42-inch class* M4224CCBH offers patients the same high-definition viewing experience they may find at home, making their hospital stay more enjoyable. The 37-inch class* M3703CCBH features a Super IPS 178 degree viewing angle that allows patients and their visitors to view content and information at almost any angle.

At HIMSS 2010, LG's HDTVs and HD-capable monitors designed for patient rooms are displaying healthcare programming from leading content providers, including:

  --  LodgeNet Interactive Corporation - The leading provider of interactive
      media and connectivity solutions designed to meet the unique needs of
      guest-based businesses, brings its expertise to the healthcare market
      with compelling in-room content.
  --  GetWellNetwork Inc. - Uses the LG in-room television monitor to
      entertain, educate and engage patients in their care through its
      patent pending interactive patient care system, which is exclusively
      endorsed by the AHA. GetWellNetwork helps automate both clinical and
      service recovery processes that enable hospitals and caregivers to
      improve patient satisfaction and gain operational efficiencies.
  --  Allen Technologies Inc. - Through its VIGO system, Allen provides the
      tools to facilitate and integrate education into everyday nursing
      practice and make bedside patient education meaningful and effective.

  Multi-Room Patient Rehab/Long-Term Care Dwellings

LG's LD360L series is designed specially for patient rehabilitation and long-term care (LTC) multi-dwelling facilities to provide patients a TV with a sleek modern look - instantly updating their surroundings - as well as advanced HD technology and easy-to-use remote controls. This series features Bed 1/2/3/4 controllability, allowing up to four different remote frequencies in one room, making it the perfect choice for large facilities with several patients sharing a room.

In a multi-dwelling environment, the multi-bed control allows residents to adjust their own TV as needed without the worry and frustration of altering settings on their neighbors' TVs. With this option, facilities can now have more than one LG HDTV operating in the same room without conflicting signals.

Available in 26-inch and 32-inch class* models, the LD360L series also comes standard with a seven button membrane remote, a standard setup remote, and large font on-screen displays. The large, simplified remote is ergonomically designed with only seven large buttons, enabling patients to easily see the correct button to push and allowing for easy cleaning.  Also, the on-screen display uses a larger font to help the aging patient see the channel/network that they want to watch.

Content in LG's patient rehab/LTC dwelling area at HIMSS 2010 is provided by The Window Channel, a new video image company that deals exclusively in long-play, native high definition, ambient scenic footage. These videos also contain the naturally occurring ambient sound, recorded in stereo, from the location, creating the effect of a still photograph come to life on screen in Full HD. This imagery is designed to help the resident/patient relax in what could be a stressful time for them.

Streamlining Nurses Stations

In addition to products for patient rooms and rehab facilities, new information technology products, such as LG's Network Monitors and Network Attached Storage, enable ease-of-use for hospital staff, decreasing system maintenance and the need for IT support.

With SmartVine(TM) Network Desktop monitors and Network Attached Storage (NAS), LG Electronics is providing a way to connect to existing PCs and redistribute computer resources enabling hospital staff to access patient information quickly and easily.

SmartVine monitors allow up to 11 nurses, administrative staff or doctors to share the same PC.  Each user runs their own applications on each monitor, as if they had their own PC. Compared to multiple computers, this provides easier installation and reduced maintenance, IT support and energy consumption. The monitors are available in 17-inch class* (4:3 aspect ratio) and 19-inch class* (16:9 aspect ratio) sizes.

Additionally, LG's N2B1 network attached storage (NAS) device offers the convenience of sharing data, allowing hospital staff to utilize information over a network. NAS offers advanced data management with data archiving, automatic disc back up features and up to 2 TB of storage through two-bay configurations, allowing hospital's data to be stored securely in the system. The unit is also compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems allowing for versatile use in healthcare environments.

Information Sharing with Digital Signage

LG's digital signage solutions can be integrated in place of traditional dry erase boards to help securely manage surgery schedules and more.

From nursing stations to patient waiting areas, the 47-inch class*, M4715CCBA, and 42-inch class*, M4224C-BA, HD LCD monitors bring a variety of high-definition display options. With Full HD 1080p resolution, these models feature new LAN and video wall control for easy scheduling and dissemination of content. With slim bezels these LCDs blend easily into any space. Split Zoom capabilities for video wall applications provide a versatile, cost-effective alternative to projectors and standard CRTs that both hospital staff and visitors can appreciate.

Using LG high-definition (HD) monitors, Vericom's ChannelCare(TM) digital signage delivers a variety of high-resolution messages, including HD video to carefully targeted healthcare audiences. This proprietary content can be displayed in multi-channel formats to emphasize the many different ways a hospital can communicate internally with its patients, consumers, physicians and employees with a focus on promoting quality and safety.

Hospital staff will also appreciate LG's 42-inch class* M4212T touch screen monitor on display in the booth. This model allows for easy way-finding services and educational information at the touch of a button for patients and guests in common areas. Ideal for a hospital lobby video wall, this model also features a Super IPS 178 degree viewing angle that enables patients, doctors and others to see educational content and care information from virtually any angle. LG is incorporating technology from Four Winds Interactive, to provide the digital signage software for this touch screen wayfinding solution.

About LG Electronics USA

LG Electronics USA, Inc., based in Englewood Cliffs, N.J., is the North American subsidiary of LG Electronics, Inc., a global force and technology leader in consumer electronics, home appliances and mobile communications.  In the United States, LG Electronics sells a range of stylish and innovative home entertainment products, mobile phones, home appliances and business solutions, all under LG's "Life's Good" marketing theme.  The LG Electronics USA Business Solutions division serves customers in the lodging and hospitality, digital signage, systems integration, healthcare, education, government and industrial markets.  Based in Lincolnshire, Ill., with its dedicated engineering and customer support team, LG Electronics USA Business Solutions delivers business-to-business technology solutions tailored to the particular needs of business environments.  For more information, please visit http://www.LGcommercial.com.

  *32LG3DCH 32-inch class/31.5-inch diagonal
  *26LG3DCH 26-inch class/26.0-inch diagonal
  *22LG3DCH 22-inch class/22.0-inch diagonal
  *26LD360L 26-inch class/26.0-inch diagonal

  *M4715CCBA 47-inch class/46.9-inch diagonal
  *M4224C-BA 42-inch class/42.0-inch diagonal
  *M3703CCBH 37-inch class/37.0-inch diagonal
  *M4224C 42-inch class/42.0-inch diagonal
  *M4212T 42-inch class/42.0-inch diagonal
  *W1942TE 19-inch class/18.9-inch diagonal
  *W2242TE 22-inch class/22.0-inch diagonal
  *N1742L-BF 17-inch class/17.0-inch diagonal

  * Designs, features and specifications subject to change without notice

Source: LG Electronics USA Inc.

CONTACT:  John I. Taylor of LG Electronics USA, +1-847-941-8181,
john.taylor@lge.com, or Katie Schaffer of LG-One, +1-312-397-6025,

Web Site:  http://www.lgcommercial.com/


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