Activision CEO would like game prices to be higher.

Aron Schatz
August 8, 2009

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Professional douchebag Bobby Kotick, hot on the heels of Activision announcing Tony Hawk will cost £100, as well as them posting crazy profits and market share increase, responds in an interview that if he was in charge of game prices... he would raise them.


With retail and consumers alike still getting to grips with the prospect of shelling out £54.99 for November’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has admitted that he would like to push prices even higher.


I really have to wonder how far publishers will milk this "oh no games are so expensive" bullshit before the entire industry backlashes and stops buying altogether. The COD price increase was hilarious enough, considering the PC version of the exact same game costs 20 pounds less.
I also laugh at the people who think this is the kind of thing digital distribution will solve when it will allow publishers even more control over game prices and eliminate used game sales.

In fact, Activision are being such douchebags of late, particularly when Kotick says stupid crap like this right after having the balls to blast the PS3 for costs, I may reverse my self-imposed EA ban and move it to Activision instead. Activision is being more of the "evil publisher" than EA ever was anyways. This whole mess is honestly nearly as bad as Nintendo raising the price on their-made-a-profit-from-the-beginning Wii in the U.K. under the silly pretext of exchange rate deficiency (even ignoring the hedge that the Wii's absurd U.K. price already created), then saying flat out the next month that the Wii costs half as much to make as it did when it first came out. I feel sorry for you Brits.



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