Government Is Insane And Corrupt

Aron Schatz
March 20, 2009

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If anyone is happy about the bill that cleared the house taxing bonuses given to people out of this AIG mess, you are sorely in for hurt. It is very scary when the government can target a group of people it doesn't like and assess a punitive tax on them. This bill is clearly unconstitutional.

If this law passes and the judicial system doesn't throw it out, what's to stop the government from taxes an individual person? What's to stop the government from using tax as a threat to every single business and individual?

The AIG bonuses are another issue. They are under CONTRACT. Contract law is the cornerstone of America. It is as important as the constitution. Government CANNOT void contracts. If the government voids contracts, our country is as good as done. What faith would I put in a contract that can be easily voided when it becomes unpopular? I'm sorry, this is one big slippery slope of ice.

Both parties are morally inept. Both Republicans and Democrats voted in favor of this bill in the House. Everyone that voted for this bill should be impeached as they have violated their oath of office. You know, the one that says they will uphold the constitution.

If the Senate does pass this bill, I HOPE that the people being targeted sue the government. This is a totally unconstitutional bill and a good example of how despair causes huge problems when you have a mob mentality and people in power that are totally moronic and don't understand the laws they are supposed to protect.



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