We Are Screwed

Aron Schatz
March 17, 2009

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From: We The People...

To: The Federal, State, and Local Governments of The USA

Why is there concern over over $165 Million in bonuses being paid by AIG under CONTRACT? The government saw fit to give that company $170 BILLION dollars without strings. Now you are so concerned about how those billions of dollars are being spent? Why is that? WHY? Are the polls stating that all these bailouts are being hated by the people? I see, you now use some minor thing to "rally" the country around AIG bonuses...

Sorry, We The People don't agree with what congress is doing. AIG had these contracts in place. Contract law is PARAMOUNT in America. Once the government can void contracts, what good is anything in this country anymore?

To Chuck Schumer, your true colors are showing. I thought we weren't supposed to sweat the small stuff? Was that the gist of the argument for the so-called "stimulus" bill? Or the outrageous budget bill with 9000 in earmarks from both parties? So why do you want to go after one tenth of 1% of the money? That seems like a waste of resources. Oh, you're sweating the small stuff? I though so. Sorry Chuck, you failed. You failed America. We The People don't believe the government has the right to take away money earned. We need Change We Can Believe In! Where did that go?

The moment this country provided corporate welfare was our downfall. We are screwed. Welcome to the new socialist America, comrade. We The People are not amused. We The People will fight for what this country stands for. We The People are this country, not the government. We The People will show you how we feel.



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