Intel: Use CPUs Instead of GPUs

Aron Schatz
February 2, 2009

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Intel would like nothing more than for people to use the CPU over the GPU for doing effects. Intel is making all sorts of demos to hammer this into people. I'm sure this has nothing to do with their x86 based GPU coming out this year.


In another GDC session, Intel is also pushing the CPU for physics and AI: "How can your game have more accurate physics, smarter AI, more particles, and/or a faster frame-rate? By threading your game's engine to take advantage of multi-core processors. Intel has built a threaded game engine and demo called 'Smoke' that shows one way of achieving this goal," the abstract states.

It continues: "This presentation examines the Smoke architecture and how it is designed to take advantage of all CPU cores available within a system. It does this by executing different functional and data blocks in parallel to utilize all available cores."

Software really needs to start taking advantage of the multi-core CPUs in today's systems. Hardware is actually leaving software (consumer grade) in the dust.



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