Intel Cuts Prices On Mainstream CPUs

Aron Schatz
January 19, 2009
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Intel has cut prices across the board of their lines except the new Core i7 CPUs. The price cuts may be in response to the Phenom 2 from AMD, but probably not.


Intel cuts were concentrated on quad-core chips like the Q9650 (3.00GHz), reduced 40 percent, to $316 from $530, to counter AMD's Phenom II. But Celeron processors received some of the largest reductions. The mobile Celeron 570 (2.00GHz), was slashed 48 percent, to $70 from $134, for example. Some Xeon processors also received hefty cuts. The price on the X3370 (3.00GHz), for instance, was cut 40 percent to $316 from $530.


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