Qt 4.5 Becomes LGPL

Aron Schatz
January 14, 2009

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An interesting and great move for Qt. It is now LGPL capable meaning you can link to the toolkit from any other program. This should spur development of Qt for all apps since GTK is really a dog.


The move to LGPL licensing will provide open source and commercial developers with more permissive licensing than GPL and so increase flexibility for developers. In addition, Qt source code repositories will be made publicly available and will encourage contributions from desktop and embedded developer communities. With these changes, developers will be able to actively drive the evolution of the Qt framework.

Qt 4.5 will also be available under commercial licensing terms, while licensing for previous versions of Qt remains unchanged. In addition, service offerings for Qt will be expanded to ensure that all Qt development projects can have access to the same levels of support, independent of the selected license.

LGPL licensing allows proprietary software to build with Qt.


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