Apple to position iPhone/iPod Touch as gaming machine. No one cares.

Logan King
November 23, 2008

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Speaking exclusively to MCV, the company confessed that its new marketing campaign encourages consumers to buy iPod purely “to play our games” – and even marked the device out as a real threat to Nintendo and Sony’s handheld efforts.

Greg Joswiak, head of iPod and iPhone marketing told us: “It’s not just the screens that are superior to DS – it’s the graphics capability, the computing power and the App Store distribution model.

“I had an analyst tell me in September – and he was right – that the DS is the past of gaming devices, and iPod Touch is the future of gaming devices. It certainly has our competitors scrambling in what they’re going to do in reaction to this. This product is capable of so much more, and there’s a tremendous synergy we have with the iPod Touch and game developers.”


Spoken like someone who truly has no grasp over the gaming industry. Seriously, there are so many hilarious, out-of-touch-with-reality statements in both quotes above that it will be nothing short of EPIC when they fail at it. I give them a year before they give up on the idea, if not less. At the very least, however, it may put a cap on Apple's current elitist attitude over every market they compete in.


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