Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang Steps Down

Aron Schatz
November 18, 2008

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In a bid to bring the company out of the backwards march, Yahoo has canned Jerry Yang. This will probably be a good move for Yahoo.


Yang patted himself on the back for moving the company in a new direction during his recent CEO tenure. His full statement:

From founding this company to guiding its growth into a trusted global brand that is indispensible to millions of people, I have always sought to do what is best for our franchise. When the board asked me to become CEO and lead the transformation of the company, I did so because it was important to re-envision the business for a different era to drive more effective growth. Having set Yahoo on a new, more open path, the time is right for me to transition the CEO role and our global talent to a new leader. I will continue to focus on global strategy and to do everything I can to help Yahoo realize its full potential and enhance its leading culture of technology and product excellence and innovation.

What wasn't said was that he weighed the company down and really screwed up a deal to make a load of money.


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