Nintendo DSi has some potential problems.

Logan King
November 1, 2008

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It seems Nintendo has at least done something right (bringing the total up to one step forward and 3 steps back rather than just 3 steps back) with their more-expensive-yet-paradoxically-less-usable-as-a-gaming-device-and-therefore-an-ironic-reminder-that-Nintendo-is-now-run-by-a-bunch-of-douchebags DSi:

Said By GBAtemp

Reports are flying in this morning that the new DSi handheld is incapable of booting existing flash carts. Our friend ahtin at who has got his hands on a brand new DSi, has tested both the popular R4 DS and EZ Flash V.

ahtin has reported that the R4 DS (an auto-booting slot-1 cart), when inserted into the DSi, in fact does NOT automatically boot up, and fails to appear at all in the new revamped DSi main menu (which is normal behaviour for an auto-booting cart). The EZ Flash V on the other hand (a non auto-booting slot-1 cart), does in fact show in the DSi's main menu, but when launched generates an error which prevents it from loading any further.

Whether or not the new flash cart "prevention" on the DSi can be disabled or worked around is yet to be determined. Once more people get their hands on the new Nintendo handheld revision, we'll undoubtedly learn more about why this is happening. Perhaps it could be something as simple as an update in the carts loader/firmware (at least in the case of the EZ-V), or perhaps something a modified firmware (ala. FlashMe) could fix. But of course, only time will tell. have not reported results on any other flash kits. Stay tuned to GBAtemp for any further news, as we'll keep you posted on any developments.

UPDATE!: ahtin has informed me personally of his latest tests. Unfortunately it's not good news! Just take a look at the long list of flash carts that have ALSO FAILED on the DSi...

CycloDS - Failed
G6 DS Real - Failed
M3 DS Real - Failed
Supercard DS One - Failed
iTouch DS - Failed
FCard - Failed
NCard - Failed
M3 DS Simply - Failed
U2DS - Failed

Also, importers please note that there is no English language option in the firmware - only Japanese, so be careful!

So, Nintendo must be on top of the world with this. They manage to pull off an epic "screw you thats why" that usually only Sony can pull off with regards to price, added features and import friendlines and end the biggest piracy problem anything non-PC has ever faced. At least until the chip makers hack the DSi firmware (which should take until January). Though, at the cost, I doubt many potential homebrew-ees would have bothered with the DSi anyways. $180 is foldin' money. Foldin' money that could be used to purchase a PSP. Why is this a potential problem? Well...

In other "I'm venting because the mere concept of the DSi pisses me off" news, there may be problems with DS/DSi compatibility (one that is rumoured to be either the cause of the flash cart issues or a result of Nintendo trying to cause flash cart issues):

Said By Kotaku

Speaking to Pocket Gamer, an obviously-doesn't-want-to-be-named "developer" has said there may be a problem or two regarding DS/DSi compatibility. This developer, you see, is currently developing a game for the DS. Their game obviously runs just fine on DS, but on the DSi, it keeps freezing up, and as a result is stuck in development limbo, Nintendo refusing to certify it. Nintendo, predictably, are saying "All DS titles are compatible with DSi", but if a game in development will run on DS but not DSi, might there be some finished games that run into problems as well?


Hmm. All that work in alienating everyone who ever touched a DS, and they don't even have a Sony or Microsoft logo.


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