Fox cancels another animated show.

Logan King
November 1, 2008

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Sadly, they decided for it to be their best one.

Said By THR Television

Thirteen has proven not-so-lucky for Fox's veteran animated comedy "King of the Hill."

After several previous brushes with cancellation, the network has opted not to renew the series beyond its current 13th season.

In April, Fox picked up 13 more episodes from the 20th Century Fox TV-produced show, which are wrapping production.

A lot has changed since "King of the Hill" premiered in 1997. Its creators Greg Daniels and Mike Judge have moved on to other projects -- Daniels developed and is running NBC's "The Office," and Judge has a new animated series, "The Goode Family," launching on ABC in midseason.

Judge had continued to voice the central character on the toon comedy, alongside voiceover cast members Kathy Najimy, Pamela Adlon, Brittany Murphy, Tom Petty, Johnny Hardwick and Stephen Root.

"Hill" has been exec produced by Judge, Daniels, John Altschuler, Dave Krinsky, Michael Rotenberg, Howard Klein, Jim Dauterive and Garland Testa.

Fox is introducing two new animated series in midseason, Mitch Hurwitz's "Sit Down, Shut Up" and the "Family Guy" spinoff "The Cleveland Show."


So, there is officially no justice. Not only is the last well written show on that programming block going away and the awful-from-the-start American Dad is staying onboard (as well as the increasingly awful Family Guy), but they will be supplanted by what will no doubt be another terrible 23 minutes of poorly written pop-culture references passed off as jokes. I'm guessing it is just cheaper to have television shows on air when they don't require actual writers.


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