Starcraft 2 Split Into 3 Games

Aron Schatz
October 12, 2008

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This is a move that spells out greediness for Blizzard. They are splitting Starcraft 2 into 3 distinct games for each race. They say they haven't decided on multiplayer just yet, but it is safe to say that they did this for greed. Blizzard may have been a great gaming company, but moves like this only weaken their position. So which game do you buy for multiplayer? The last one? The first one? Blizzard, you are some greedy bastards.


ANAHEIM--Blizzard dropped a bombshell at the 2008 Blizzcon today by announcing that StarCraft II, the highly-awaited sequel to the smash hit 1998 real-time strategy game, StarCraft, has been split into three. The company said that StarCraft II now consists of three different stand-alone titles--one for each faction campaign. The first of the StarCraft II trilogy will be StarCraft II Terrans: Wings of Liberty. The second will be StarCraft II Zerg: Heart of the Swarm, with the third and final installment of the main trilogy being StarCraft II Protoss: Legacy of the Void.


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