Economies Are Falling Apart

Aron Schatz
October 6, 2008

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And who's to blame? BANKS. And what do people want now? A huge world bank. Surprise! Deep recessions and depressions cause banks to become more powerful. In 1929, the US banking system grew out of that problem (artificially created by the bankers themselves). I can't believe that people are so blinded by the fact that banks WANT this. Why do you think they are hording all the capital they get? Every action screws people more and more.

This Emergency Economic Stabilization Act did absolutely nothing except give banks more power over the government (or I should say give the corruption in government grant more power to the banks). What a surprise that the markets went way down after the bill was passed.

If this whole situation isn't a farce, I don't know what is. Banks are taking over. It is time to step up and DEMAND that we take back control of our own currency!


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