More And More Financial Companies Getting Bailed Out

Aron Schatz
September 17, 2008

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As a follow up to my previous post on this subject, it seems that the US Federal Reserve decided it would be good to bail out more companies and the Treasury will fund those bailouts. Why isn't anyone up in arms about this?

Lehman Brothers wasn't bailed out, yet AIG was? If this situation isn't a perfect example of saving their own buddies, I don't know what is. The US Federal Reserve needs to be disbanded and we need to turn back to a proper monetary standard. You can't keep injecting cash (were does that come from?) into the market. Our currency is taking a dump again thanks to the government-banking complex. It is time the people take control and speak to your politicians. If enough of you speak up, things might get done.

Stop complaining and start acting. These bailouts are the wrong choice and it is the financial corporations that are making out like bandits from our own money. These companies should just die and let the market bare the results.

Before you say anything, I have a load of money in the stock market and it does cause me grief. It causes me more grief to watch our government continue to march towards socialism. The Federal Reserve has failed and the Tax Act of 1913 really screwed up this country. Time to go back to gold.


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