LHC Operational

Aron Schatz
September 10, 2008

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The first major particle acceleration test was done at the LHC. No collisions were done yet and probably will be some time before the big one happens. All you doomsday people can rejoice that you can still cling on to your hope of world destruction when micro (no... pico) blackholes are produced that will decay too quickly to do anything.


The beams have not yet been run continuously. So far, they have been stopped, or "dumped", after just a handful of circuits. By Wednesday evening, engineers hope to inject clockwise and anti-clockwise protons again, but this time they will "close the orbit", letting the beams run continuously for a few seconds each. Cern has not yet announced when it plans to carry out the first collisions, but the BBC understands that low-energy collisions could happen in the next few days.


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