Why Do We Tax Everything?

Aron Schatz
August 12, 2008

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Seriously. Can someone explain how the country got so screwed up that we started taxing everything? This country was founed on individual NOT paying income tax and the greedy bankers and corrupt politicians made the tax act of 1919 that forced an income tax on everyone. Now we've got all these sales taxes from different states and the like. Now they want to try to tax digital downloads. This is really appalling. The government should really butt the hell out and start repealing taxes. I guess since that jerk Corzine took office in NJ, we'll never see 6% sales tax ever again. Thanks for your big help with our budgets. You really helped everyone out by raising those taxes... Have there been any states that lowered their sales tax? This country is really heading down the toilet. The government thinks it's okay that most of our paycheck goes to pay it's salaries. That's utter crap. You get taxed on income, taxed on goods you purchase... Ohh, if it is luxury goods, that gets extra taxing. Don't forget the use tax (the way the states try to recoup the lost sales tax from out of state purchases, greedy bastards). Social Security, Medicade/Medicare, An average person probably loses 50% (or more) of their wages to some form of tax. This is truly a problem that no politicians care about since they are all greedy and corrupt. We are heading into an economic crisis (not there yet) and all they want to do is raise taxes.


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