China To Censor Internet During Olympics

Aron Schatz
July 31, 2008

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So much for the IOC saying that internet access would be unrestricted to reporters. Anyone else see a huge problem bringing the Olympics to a place like China now? The fact that they are censoring a public forum really leads one to wonder how the IOC decided to host in China (among thousands of other things). Come to think of it, the guise of child pornography is going to be the start of censorship in America... Oops, already is. Nice job USA.


"I regret that it now appears BOCOG has announced that there will be limitations on Web site access during games time," IOC press chief Kevan Gosper told Reuters, referring to Beijing's Olympic organizers. "I also now understand that some IOC officials negotiated with the Chinese that some sensitive sites would be blocked on the basis they were not considered games related."

The revelation came a day after journalists learned that organizers had backtracked on earlier guarantees that journalists would have access to an uncensored Internet at the Main Press Center and athletic venues. The announcement meant that thousands of reporters working in Beijing during the next several weeks won't have access to a multitude of sites deemed embarrassing to the Chinese government, such as Amnesty International or any sites related to the crackdown in Tibet or the banned spiritual group Falun Gong.

Sorry, IOC. You failed. You didn't hold up to your end of the bargain. If you had any balls, you would have said no games for you to China if they stopped meeting your terms. Walking away is one of the best negotiation tools and you morons couldn't see that.


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