USA ISPs Go Insane And Sign Censorship Agreement

Aron Schatz
July 18, 2008

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Welcome to America, land where the big corporation control what you see. That is the gist of what is happening now that a load of major ISPs have signed a Message of Understanding with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (a private company). The MOU gives NCMEC the supreme authority to judge whatever website it wants to be taken down AND have the person's name and address forwarded to them for prosecution. We live in very troubling times when this sort of thing happens.

And don't bring the argument that we need to "think of the children." When a private corporation can censor what a country sees, what's to stop them for censoring a political party or other things that many people want to see (porn)?

This kind of corporate behavior is completely un-American and the NCMEC and the ISPs that signed this 'agreement' should be charged with sedition. Ohh, did you know that the NCMEC doesn't want their name to be included when a site is taken down?

Did you also know that there is no oversight. If the NCMEC says to take down a site, that's it.


"Building on our strong commitment to online safety, the cable industry wants to help combat child pornography and exploitation," said Kyle McSlarrow, President & CEO, NCTA. “By signing the NCMEC MOU, cable Internet service providers are reaffirming their strong commitment to online safety and Internet literacy for all American families." "We are deeply grateful for this industry-wide attack on child pornography," said Ernie Allen, President & CEO, NCMEC. "It is not possible to arrest and prosecute every offender. We must be creative and build new public-private partnerships to address this insidious problem more effectively. Today's announcement represents a bold step forward."

This is a bold step forward for the corporate control of America. It started in 1919 with the Tax act. How long can we as Americans allow this trampling of our rights to continue?


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