Some People Don't Get Open Source

Aron Schatz
July 7, 2008

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When I read an article like this on CNet, I wonder how people retain their credibility as editors. Let's take a quote...


The proprietary world feels the need to rebuild everyone else's software in order to create walled-garden ecosystems. Unfortunately, the open-source world builds even more variants of the same products, though for different reasons.

Are we the world's least efficient market? Imagine what would happen if we could all pull behind a few credible alternatives, rather than inventing 585 of them?

The whole point of being free and open source is that you give the freedom to allow anyone to use the code in the best way for them. If a million companies use a program and each company modifies it slightly for their internal use, what's the problem? That the huge benefit of open source over proprietary software. Sticking to one branch only doesn't work for open source software... Remember XFree86? Where is that now that they changed their license? Forking is a matter of fact and is encourage when stuff like that happens.


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