Microsoft: We Don't Care About Consumers

Aron Schatz
May 19, 2008

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Microsoft is admitting that they support the broadcast flag that content owners want to shove down consumer throats. Windows Media Center PCs refused to record two shows because of this flag. That's what you get when you can't inspect the source code. You gets lies and deceit. People should turn to free and open alternatives such as MythTV which rocks.


The software company was responding to questions about why some users of Windows Vista Media Center were prevented from recording NBC Universal TV shows, American Gladiator and Medium on Monday night. The "rules," in which the spokeswoman is apparently referring to are those proposed by the FCC, which would require software and hardware makers to honor "broadcast flags." The flags are code that broadcasters can insert into the data stream of TV shows that typically require restrictions on the recording of the shows. What she didn't say is that the "rules" aren't rules at all. The courts struck down the FCC's proposal in 2005, saying the regulator lacked the authority to tell electronics makers how to interpret the signals they receive. Since then, Microsoft and other manufacturers have retained the option of whether to honor the flags.

Leave it to Microsoft to spread more BS about the FCC "rules" that were overturned by courts three years ago.


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