Do Not Buy EA Games

Aron Schatz
May 7, 2008

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Why are PC Games screwed? Copy protection. Mass Effect for the PC is looking to be great... until you find out that is phones home every 10 days to make sure the copy is valid. This is worse than Windows DRM. This is the reason that PC gaming is taking a hit, the crazy DRM that only stops real customers from playing. Cracked copies will work better than the original. If that's how the companies want to play it, fine. I buy games from Stardock since they contain NO protection. Hell, I bought a game from them and didn't even use it to show my support.


Mass Effect uses SecuROM and requires an online activation for the first time that you play it. Each copy of Mass Effect comes with a CD Key which is used for this activation and for registration here at the BioWare Community. Mass Effect does not require the DVD to be in the drive in order to play, it is only for installation.

After the first activation, SecuROM requires that it re-check with the server within ten days (in case the CD Key has become public/warez'd and gets banned). Just so that the 10 day thing doesn't become abrupt, SecuROM tries its first re-check with 5 days remaining in the 10 day window. If it can't contact the server before the 10 days are up, nothing bad happens and the game still runs. After 10 days a re-check is required before the game can run.

With DRM, you don't own the game you purchased. Sorry EA, this doesn't fly.


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