EMI Says No Online Storage

Aron Schatz
April 23, 2008
Tags Legal RIAA

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EMI thinks that using online storage for music is illegal. A service called MP3tunes allows members to store their files for use at another place. This is legit and legal, but that doesn't stop the media cartels from trying to ban fair use... Here is some interesting quotes...


As you may be aware, the major record label EMI has sued MP3tunes, claiming our service is illegal. You can read about the case here. Much is at stake - if you don't have the right to store your own music online then you won't have the right to store ebooks, videos and other digital products as well. The notion of ownership in the 21st century will evaporate. The idea of ownership is important to me and I want to make sure I have that right and my kids do too.

The notion of ownership will evaporate... Is that really what you want?


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